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“Turn Off the News Forever” and Other Travel Advice from Ryan Biddulph

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a digital nomad?

Read our digital nomad interview series where we talk to people living their own unique lifestyles abroad, while working online. No two stories are the same; get insight and advice from our peers and shed light on the efficacy of your own plans through the experiences of others.

Meet Ryan

My name is Ryan Biddulph. I am a former fired security guard turned island hopping pro blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

I have been on the road for 6 years and see myself traveling indefinitely. I do take things day by day and moment by moment so we will see. I wanted to see the world after spending my first 36 years in New Jersey. Felt that urge to hit the road and to take advantage of working online.

(I’ve traveled to) Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Fiji, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Cyprus, Qatar, Turkey, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru.

Ryan Biddulph Travel Blogger
This one is me with my shit-eating grin at one of the most gorgeous places on earth, Rivas, Costa Rica. The memory is special because we loved the place for its beauty and for the ex-pats and Ticos who lived in the neighborhood.

What sort of sacrifices have you made as a result of your choice to go nomad?

I see sacrifice as letting go the good or average to make room for the great or exceptional, so for me, I let go the boring and worn out life for me in NJ (apartment, car, job) to make room for the fun and exciting and freeing life of travel. That is just me though. Some folks love the 9-5 bit and hate travel. To each your own.

How do you earn a living from the road?

I run a blog through which I offer courses, 126 eBooks, coaching and freelance writing services, sponsored post opportunities, audio books, paperbacks and various consulting channels.

Top 3 income sources: Consulting services, course revenue, eBook revenue.

Ever get hotel stays or free swag because you’re a blogger?

Definitely open to sponsored posts, but no swag yet.

What’s your most popular blog post?

For shares, my post announcing I had appeared on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog is #1. For comments, my post explaining how I learned 17 blogging lessons on a 22-hour flight to Bali is #1. For traffic, I don’t track traffic stats 🙂

Was there ever a time you left money on the table? What sort of mistakes would you advise other travel bloggers not to make?

Build(ing) an email list. Goodness I’d have started this on day 1 and would have never turned back. I built a 2000 subscriber email list years ago but for network marketing. Scrapped that list and only started building a blogging list seriously a number of months back.

Any budgetary advice for fledgling beginners?

It (your budget) can be really, really low if you house sit and live on cheap street food. But I’d suggest earning more scratch so you don’t have to live on 4-6 bucks a day.

How do you stay healthy from the road?

Really, eating light, consuming fresh fruits and veggies, exercising every day, getting 8-10 hours of sleep and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily help a bunch. Toss in meditation and you are set.

Mike’s note: Read more about how to stay healthy on the road here.

There’s a reader somewhere reading this who’s too afraid to leave the nest –the world can be a scary place. What would you say to them?

Ryan Biddulph Travel Blogger InfluencerThe news is designed to divide the world based on reporting only fear-filled events which happen .000001% of the time while 99.999999% of the time in 99.999999% of the world everything is safe, okay, and quite fun.

It’s like seeing a gruesome car accident and saying to yourself, “Damn, guess I am never leaving the house again,” when you know that 1 or 2 folk’s experience over 1 second probably shouldn’t prevent you from leaving your home again.

The news just reports the split second car crash, not the billions of folks who spend 60 or 70 or 80 years never getting into an accident or maybe a little fender bender. Turn the news off forever. See the world. It is usually a full 180 when you experience a place versus seeing the world through the prism of the fear-based news.

Mike’s note: “Turn off the news forever” –Boom! Right to the bone. I love that quote. Readers can also find more rebuttals from leading travel bloggers about the almighty fear of travel and tips to overcome long-term travel obstacles elsewhere on this blog.

Travel Blog Influencer

I’m reading: “Turn off the news forever” and other great advice from Ryan Biddulph on Hobo with a Laptop 

How do you navigate “the system”? Like insurance, taxes –anything that comes to mind, any tips, advice, recommendations?

As for life insurance, I pray quite a bit 🙂 I pay taxes to good old Uncle Sam on April 15th. I am off the grid of the system other than the tax requirement.

Most Influential Travel Blogs of 2018

You run into “9-year-old-mini-me” you at a Koolaid stand in your home town, decades before all the palm trees and hustle: What do you say?

Dream then do. Without doing your dreams can’t come true. But before you begin doing, change your being, because when you change your being, you change what you are seeing, and when you change what you are seeing you will do things from a different energy which changes your life dramatically.

Most Influential Travel Blogs 2018You’re Kirk. Who’s Spock?

Darren Rowse is beyond awesome.

Darren is definitely Spockworthy, fully agreed. Awesome to have Ryan on the blog –we’ve been hustling in the same circles since we rebooted Hobo in April 2017 and I learned a lot just by observing him. I figured there was no time like the present (July 2017) to make contact and invite him on –thanks Ryan. Excellent insight, all the way around. And f*ck man –that smile! Most charisma I’ve seen in awhile and I bet you duck and cover when a grandma comes near because of it! Best of success to you, brother.

You can find Ryan via his blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Nomad Travel Blog

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    1. Yeah, Ryan really has his sh*t together; both in terms of his blogging business and his mindset. He’s an inspiration for us, that’s for sure.

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