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Hobo with a Laptop was originally established in 2012 by Michael Hulleman who’s been a hobo in one form or another since he was 18. The general purpose of this website wanders, just like it’s founder.

Hobo with a Laptop is about all things location independent; tiny houses, off-grid survival, sustainable living, travel, making money blogging and nomadism in the digital age. In recent months, it’s also started to help readers finance location independence of their own through working online and leveraging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

And Then There Were Two

In 2017 Mike got married to a brown-eyed bombshell named Oshin, after working virtually with one another for years.

Oshin worked from the Philippines as a content manager for a UK search optimization company, and Mike was freelancing under her to finance his travels in Thailand.

After working together for just over a year, Mike decided it was time to start another company; a travel & influencer marketing agency called Copyrise.

Digital Nomad Income

He offered Oshin a position as his full-time virtual assistant, where she held that role for a year before they finally met in person when Mike was passing through Cebu, Philippines before a trip home to Canada.

When Mike and Oshin finally met in the Philippines, everything was natural. It felt like coming home after a long absence, not meeting for the first time. Inseparable, everything clicked. And one year later they got married.

Combining their efforts on Hobo with a Laptop was the next logical step in their passion for travel and blogging.


Michael HullemanMike is a 35 year-old Canadian who’s tried everything twice. Aside from his 9-to-5, he’s been a volunteer teacher, repeat film extra, Jazz festival art director, public speaker, environmental activist, and author.

After 4 years in Asia and almost 20 years in the online industry, Mike has been focusing more on his side hustle when he’s not helping clients.

The lower cost of living abroad has freed up a lot of his time, and you can expect a number of guides, resources, and fiction books being penned and shared on Hobo over the next few years.

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Oshin HullemanAfter acquiring a bachelor’s degree in English, Oshin (aka Eden) took the corporate life out for a spin for several years and didn’t like the third-world pay grade.

She decided she’d had enough and decided to go solo, working as a freelance copywriter, Pinterest search optimization specialist, and virtual assistant.

She met Mike at the right time in her career, and now she’s settling into her own location independence. 

When she isn’t working on Copyrise projects or Hobo with a Laptop, she spends the majority of her time in a bikini, plugging away on our affiliate marketing websites, or making a quick buck on Fiverr.


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