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Michael Hulleman is an experienced copywriter, designer, proposal writer, and search optimization practitioner with over a decade of experience facilitating and executing creative marketing campaigns.

He has written content for a number of leading international brands such as EXO Travel, Trivago, Hootsuite, Ninja Outreach, BigCommerce, Mouser Electronics, Adidas, Men’s Health, Budget Car Rentals, and Scania Trucks among others.

The majority of his copywriting has drawn upon his experience in marketing, search optimization, travel, health, and technology. Projects are most often in a “ghost writing” capacity for a range of search optimization agencies in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

With his unique voice and writing style, Michael can breathe life into even the most dry topics, word after word.

Meet Michael

How to Start a Blog

  • Best selling, self-published author
  • Ghost-writer of over 3,000 articles for UK and Canadian-based SEO companies
  • 2,645 completed tasks on Textmaster
  • Travel, technology, and marketing are his favorite topics
  • Potent keyword research skills that balance your ideal buyer’s needs and Google’s top ranking factors to ensure readership over time
  • Excels at writing copy that converts; landing pages, website copy, blog posts, white papers, cases studies, product or service pages, website or SEO proposals and transcription

A Unique Lifestyle

Although Michael calls Canada home, he has been living on the road as a digital nomad for over 4 years, and the constant change of scenery keeps his work fresh and creative.

You can find him on Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Michael Hulleman on TextMaster
2,645 completed tasks on

Request Examples

The voice, perspective, and demographic of every copywriting project is unique, and it’s important for Michael to demonstrate his writing ability to you with carefully selected examples of his work. If you would like to view industry-specific writing examples, please fill out the contact form below. To learn more about our other freelance services click here.

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