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No matter where you roam in Thailand, this is a must-have nomad book for digital nomads –become location independent in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Digital Nomad Escape Plan 2017 is a comprehensive, actionable digital nomad how-to thatĀ clearly outlines how to go from day job to digital nomad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Skip the ‘helpless tourist’ part of heading somewhere new. This guideĀ willĀ walk you around the neighborhood and fill you in on day-to-day life, step by step.

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This nomad book was a best-seller before we pulled it. Now you can have it for free. Why? Because why not? We’re not ass-shills. We want to throw back to the community. When I’m in Chiang Mai I get interrupted during breakfast at Smoothie Blues because of this book. It’s rad. You’ll dig it.

Because we’ll never forget where we came from. An update to this digital nomad book is planned for 2019. But, when I can get around to it.

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Your free digital nomad how-to extras will include the following when they are released:

Printable check lists: Tasks youā€™ll need to complete in chronological, and what to bring with you.

Printable maps: Learn where to find an apartment, groceries, restaurants, gyms, health services, and night life.

Printable Thai phrase cards: Explain where you need to go without saying a word ā€“and they fit right into your wallet.

Audio book: A directorā€™s cut-style audio book narrated by Mike Hulleman.

InformationĀ You Can Act On

No guru required, no bullshit. This is the ultimate digital nomad book and how-to guide.

  • The best time of year to start
  • What skills are ideal for the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Creative ways to make emergency money online
  • How much your new life is going to cost you
  • What tools you should set up in advance
  • What immunizations youā€™ll need (and how to save hundreds of dollars on them)
  • Customs, culture, and a little bit about the language
  • Where to find an apartment, rent a motorbike, health services, gyms, and groceries
  • How to get a Thai bank account
  • Which online banking tools you should consider using
  • What to pack, and what to leave at home
  • How to obtain travel visas on the road
  • How to book cheap flights
  • What to do the minute you arrive, from airport to guest house
  • How to set up a Thai cell phone, step-by-step
  • How to save money
  • How to travel with children
  • I also explore the legality of being a digital nomad

Handle the Transition Mentally &Ā Emotionally

  • How to handle criticism for your choice to go nomad
  • Why Chiang Mai, Thailand is the digital nomad capital of the planet
  • How to deal with the unpredictability of living abroad, long-term
  • How to avoid digital nomad scams
  • Pros and cons of the digital nomad lifestyle
  • How to protect your health during long-term travel
  • A few personal stories
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Digital Nomad Escape Plan will eliminate weeks and months of online research, scanning blogs and forums so you aren’t left with an incomplete or fragmented picture.

No “lifestyle design porn”, just everything you need in one place to comfortably slip into Chiang Mai without running into logistical nightmares.

With this digital nomad book how-to guide at your fingertips, you can be ready to hit the road in a matter of weeks; only as long as it takes to renew your passport or acquire your Thai visa.

Download now, payment is optional.
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