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Blogging is the ultimate way to make money online. Shipping a product or offering a service is optional; you can get paid to blog passively, even long after you’ve written a post.

Over time, our blog(s) have grown into the majority (80%+) of our income –a passive income stream where taking a day, week, or month off doesn’t mean interrupting our finances.

Learn blogging to generate a side income that could replace your day job within a year or two.

Want to Learn All of Our Blogging Secrets –for Free?

In this free blogging course you’ll find everything you need to learn blogging, get paid to blog from companies like TargetClick, PureVPN, AWin, and Shareasaleand build a framework that can be repeated until you reach your peak earning potential.

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Learn Blogging 2019
Free Blogging Course

Blogging for Business?

Learn blogging with our free blogging course to increase your potential for new business opportunities, generate leads, or serve your audience.

Blogging isn’t just for sharing personal stories or personal branding; learn blogging to establish authority and legitimize your business offering.

Internet users of every stripe typically seek out company websites before making a purchase.

Draw customers by providing answers to common industry questions, offering customer support, and enrich customer relationships.

Before We Get Started

Before we show you how to learn blogging step by step we recommend you pick up these two blogging tools. Click on the following links to buy these blogging necessities:

We suggest you avoid free services because they often come with built-in ads, a lack of customization, little or no support, and lengthy Terms of Service declarations that allow third parties to take down your content if they don’t agree with your values.

Some free online services are blocked entirely in different countries. Free blogging platform Tumblr is just one example.

2019 will be a year marked by a pronounced upward spike in Western online censorship. As we’ve seen with sites like Amazon, Tumblr, Patreon, Facebook, and Twitter; if a company in Silicon Valley doesn’t approve, they can cut you off without explanation.

Learn Blogging

30-Day Free Blogging Course

Learn blogging at your own pace with our free, 16 lesson blogging course. Make no assumptions –the material in this course will likely take a full month to cover, as each module provides detailed instruction that may take more than a day to complete.

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Got Followers? Monetize Them!

Creating exclusive members-only content is a great way to build a reliable income with your blog or social media channels after learning to blog.

Monthly Q and A livestreams, personal video ā€œpostcardsā€ from the road, and other forms of exclusive content are a great way to monetize your blog or social media profiles with SubscribeStar.

SubscribeStar is the leading Patreon alternative because of the size of its existing user base, its drastically lower fees, quick payouts, and its livestreaming features.

A SubscribeStar account can be setup in minutes, check them out by clicking the button below.

Learn More

Finished the Free Blogging Course?

If you’ve already covered all the blogging basics, continue your blogging journey with our related posts. Learn blogging tips and tricks like where to find great stock photos, and get in-depth information about additional blogging tools we use ourselves.

This section will be updated with fresh content as we continue to expand on how to learn blogging for beginners, intermediates, and novices.

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