5 Ways Travel Bloggers Can Get More YouTube Traffic with SEO

Quality video is the dividing line between beginner travel bloggers and the pros who get all the influencer marketing opportunities (read: free swag, free accommodation, etc). And this separation has been exemplified by the growing attention influential travel bloggers have been getting online for their drone videos.

Almost 200,000 views, travel blogger drone video by my friends at One Way Ticket

Travel bloggers who have never previously made a single YouTube video are now picking up top-rated drone technology and venturing into the world of YouTube SEO with little idea of what they should do to rank their video effectively.

The purpose of this post is to help travel bloggers release their shiny new drone videos into the world with maximum impact, even if they’ve never used YouTube before.

YouTube SEO Tips for Travel Blogger Drone Videos

Every day another travel blogger picks up a drone, so it’s important to remain competitive with your search optimization strategy to ensure your travel videos remain evergreen and withstand increased competition. SEO could be the key to getting more exposure over others, and it’s an incredibly important skill to master.

At the time of writing, all major online video websites generally rank videos on search result pages in a similar fashion as traditional search engines like Google or Bing –although there are a few SEO advantages for video over other content types that a travel blogger can leverage.

From the keywords used in video titles, descriptions, or tags –to the popularity of your travel videos measured by view count– the precise methods that online video sharing websites use to rank travel videos have much in common with traditional search. Social media outside of YouTube such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all play a big part in how many views your videos will receive and how they rank, but those are topics for other blog posts.

Travel Blogger Drone Videos
DJI Mavic Pro, a top-rated drone by travel bloggers

How does YouTube Rank Travel Videos?

As we’ve discussed on our travel influencer marketing website, “there exists a set of 5 tried-and-true areas that you can focus on to make your online video rank on search engines”. They are:

  • Human need
  • Viewing time
  • Keyword relevance
  • Call to action
  • Promotion

Here’s an infographic to help you clearly understand what makes YouTube SEO tick –what video portals measure, and how you can leverage search optimization strategies to make your travel drone videos rank better on search results pages.

YouTube SEO Tips for Digital Nomads

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2018 YouTube Ranking Factors:

Below we’ll expand on the YouTube ranking factors we discussed in the infographic above. If you’ve got any additional tips or advice, we’d appreciate hearing from you in the comments.

1. Human Need

Travel blog drone videos are mostly eye candy, and draw upon human emotion to enhance their popularity. In addition to epic visuals, it’s also important that you mix in audio that elicits an emotional response. Thoughtfully chosen music tracks combined with the happy sounds of children laughing, nature, street life. and the odd funny remark will enhance the positive vibe of your drone videos and build loyalty with your viewers.

Worth mention that all of this is ideally accomplished within 3 minutes, as this is the length of time most common among the most popular videos on YouTube. It is also important to use a descriptive yet appealing thumbnail preview image that suits the content, and we recommend making one separately instead of simply using a frame of video.

DJI Phantom Top-Rated Drone
DJI Phantom P3-Standard, a top-rated mid-level drone

2. Viewing Time

Not to be confused with the 3-minute video length mentioned above, the “viewing time” we’re referring to here is the amount of combined minutes and hours your viewers have spent watching your video overall.

This metric sports a direct correlation with how well your drone videos will rank, and is a key YouTube ranking factor in 2018.

In order to keep eyes glued to your videos, we suggest that you take your time editing your videos to ensure they have a high production value and select one of the top rated drones on the market to ensure a quality HD viewing experience.

Do a little keyword research to find out what’s trending, and include popular subject matter in your videos (and video titles, descriptions, and tags).

3. Keyword Relevance

In March of this year, Google announced its Google Translate team has made larger leaps in the past few months than it has since the inception of the project in terms of speech recognition, context, and understanding. It has achieved this by using artificial intelligence –and it’s safe to assume that very soon YouTube will be able to fully understand and index speech within your videos.

However, for now no video search engine on the web possesses the Jedi-like ability to “watch” and contextually understand video as they do with text-based blog posts. This means you’ll need to give them a hand indexing your video properly through the use of relevant keywords in your video title, description, tags, transcripts, and/or closed captioning to provide clear context of what your video is about.

It’s important to be as relevant as possible, and not just go for popular keywords if they don’t relate to your video. Setting the wrong expectations by tricking viewers into watching your videos will have a negative effect on other ranking factors –such as up-votes and down-votes.

How to Use Keywords on YouTube

Clear copy in your video description will help search algorithms best understand what context to present them in search results, and match them with the right audiences.

Here’s a YouTube Keyword Checklist:

  • Video title: We suggest approximately 5 word video titles, with just one central keyword/keyphrase
  • Tags: Less is more, use tags with razor-sharp precision –avoid using loosely-related tags
  • Descriptions: Don’t skimp on your video description, make it close to the length of a short form blog post and be sure to use long-tail keywords througout

4. Call to Action (CTA)

Great videos will give you the undivided attention of your audience, so this is a great time to drop a potent CTA.

Take a cue from Instagram; embellish videos with a memorable URL and strong call to action. Only use annotations decisively as to avoid annoying your audience.

The only thing on earth that’s worth lowering your overall YouTube viewing time is a CTA that lures your viewer from YouTube to your website.

And when you do this, ensure that there’s a good reason, too. Your call to action should be enticing YouTube traffic to come to your website for a reason more than “check out my blog”. Whether it’s a page with valuable affiliate links, you’re trying to boost traffic for an influencer marketing / sponsored post campaign, or you’re getting people to sign up for your email list –whatever you do, make it count.

DJI Phantom PRO Top-rated drone for travel bloggers
DJI Phantom 3 PRO, top-rated drone

5. Promotion

As previously mentioned, where and how your travel blog drone video is promoted will make a big difference on your YouTube metrics and affect how they rank. And how they rank will affect how many conversions you get, and those conversions will determine whether or not you’re able to afford that trip to Bali next week. Or eat.

Your best bet is to tap into additional search engines to diversify your traffic like Pinterest and Instagram to create a trickle-down effect.

Which means you’ll have to rinse and repeat the SEO tips above for Pinterest and Instagram —attractive preview images, keywords, descriptions, and tags.

In Summary

If your travel videos evoke more emotion than others, you’re mindful about overall viewing times, you take your time identifying trends and keywords, and promote the haaaailllll of them –you’re on your way to being a successful travel blogger that people love and brands enjoy working with.

Do you have anything to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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