Since we rebooted/started Hobo with a Laptop back in April 2017 we’ve received a number of corporate sponsorships that have allowed us to give away some powerful online tools –and soon we will be giving away helpful educational resources, too. All free.

We’re taking a holiday!

Ayo! We’ve postponed giveaways and publishing the newsletter because we’re busy traveling, going to weddings, taking care of our health, adjusting to the awesomeness of keto, considering making a kid, figuring out what’s for dinner, and making things. Oh, and client work. Yes, yes. That, too.

We haven’t published a newsletter since last autumn, it’s pretty sad. But that’s the life of a hobo. Please bare with us, this is only our side hustle and sometimes it needs to take a back seat.

Previous Giveaways

To date we’ve partnered with three corporate sponsors:

Month:Sponsor:Related Articles:
June 2017Ninja Outreach5 Link Building Strategies, How to Write Better Blog Posts, 3 Problems Ninja Outreach Solves for Bloggers.
July 2017SpeedifyHow to Speed Up Internet.
October 2017ProofComing soon.

Would you like to sponsor our next giveaway? Drop us a line and let us know!

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