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Since we rebooted Hobo with a Laptop back in April of this year, we’ve received a number of corporate sponsorships that have allowed us to give away some powerful online tools –and soon we will be giving away helpful educational resources. All free.

Next Giveaway is in October. It’s Proof.

Contest extended until November 30, 2017: Well, we ran a few polls in a number of different Facebook groups and two possible prizes emerged as clear contenders; our upcoming cryptocurrency course and more tools to make it easier to earn money online.

With my new laptop two weeks away it’s a little hard to put the finishing touches on our courses, so we’ve opted for the latter; our next giveaway will run during the month of October thru to the end of November. This time around we will be giving away two 1-year licenses for Proof. This just may be our best giveaway yet.

Hobo Laptop Giveaway Proof

Proof helps deliver higher conversion rates on your website by displaying notifications to website visitors of recent sales and opt-ins –and it can easily double your opt-ins.

Free Software: Proof

Big names like Dane Maxwell, Chandler Bolt, Stu McLaren, Alex Becker, Amy Porterfield, Brian Moran, T. Harv Eker, and Russell Brunson are already using this technology which was made famous by OTA sites like and Expedia.

Proof links in to most commonly used opt-in software in order to provide its live notification service. That means every purchase, email opt-in, and website can leverage it.

And now we’re offering Proof to our readers, for free, for one full year.

You can see it in action on the lower left side of your screen, and you can also learn more by watching the video below.

Free Course

In addition to being a potent lead generation tool, the Proof team is also providing free access to their incredibly powerful Conversion Secrets course.

This course normally retails for $500 USD, and it’s the product of 3 years of trial and error –time that Dave Rogenmoser, Proof’s cofounder and CEO will never get back. Time that you won’t need to waste. We’re talking about repeatable strategies so good you can turn them into services you offer yourself.

No more pain every morning when you wake up and see f*ck all for conversions on your project.

Interested? Fill out the form below.

Our last giveaway winners were chosen by a raffle. The luck of the draw. For this giveaway we’re taking applications to find the winner.

We’re looking for app developers, startups, ecommerce and dropship store owners, online course instructors, infoproduct sellers, and just about anyone with a killer product or service who need help getting more conversions. Only those with launched projects need apply. If you haven’t launched yet, we won’t consider your application (sorry).

Tell us about your project, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Only applications that provide all of the following information will be considered:

  • What is your product, service, or offering and what’s your website address?
  • What is it and how does it work?
  • What problem are you trying to solve and who does it serve?
  • Do you have any video demonstrations of your project in action?
  • How long have you been at it?
  • Where in the world are you? Where are you from?


You can learn more about Proof here. And of course –sign up to our newsletter to find out if you won.

Previous Giveaways

To date we’ve partnered with two corporate sponsors:

Month:Sponsor:Related Articles:
June 2017Ninja Outreach5 Link Building Strategies, How to Write Better Blog Posts, 3 Problems Ninja Outreach Solves for Bloggers.
July 2017SpeedifyHow to Speed Up Internet.
October 2017ProofComing soon.

Would you like to sponsor our next giveaway? Drop us a line and let us know!

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Free Giveaway in November

Double website opt-ins or sales with social proof: We're giving "Proof" software away (full year, $348 USD value) in October, visit our Giveaways page for more information.

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Hobo Laptop Giveaway Proof

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Chiang Mai, Thailand is the "digital nomad capital of the world", and Hobo with a Laptop readers can get an inside look at this popular destination with Digital Nomad Escape Plan; a 200-page ebook written by nomads, for nomads.

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