5 Ways to Use Influencer Outreach for Link Building

Of all link building tools for SEO, Ninja Outreach is the cheapest, fastest, and most effective modality of building links via influencer outreach we’ve ever seen. These are a handful of the best link building strategies we’ve employed with it.

In a mere 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon at the beginning of June 2017 –just one month after we rebooted Hobo with a Laptop, we were able to reach out to enough influencers to obtain a total of 12 DA 30+ links from leading travel and lifestyle blogs –without writing a single guest post.

Influencer Outreach
Big results, quick turnover!

Our Alexa score was on fire. We didn’t have to buy links for SEO, we just provided our influencer outreach recipients with enough value to make our exchange worth everyone’s while –more on that in a moment.

Link Building Strategies

Influencer Outreach, Ninja-Style

Ninja Outreach is a relatively new entry to our list of blogging tools. We define our success with it by two factors; how much time we saved/spent using it, and how effective it was at allowing us to get around the contact form and speak directly to a blogger without being filtered out by a virtual assistant or otherwise.

You can learn more about Ninja Outreach features here, however I’ll list a few of my favourites below:

  • Influencers can be sought via niche keywords in blog content, social profile descriptions, or influencer lists curated by Ninja Outreach themselves, etc.
  • Influencers can be sorted by advanced operators, page/domain authority, page rank, MOZ score, Alexa score, number of comments/backlinks/shares per post, social follower count, geographic location, featured page types (ie. Guest Post Submission page), and more
  • Email finder works with impressive accuracy, or fill out contact forms automatically without needing to visit them in a web browser
  • Instead of campaigns, you build influencer lists and then select your email template
  • Proven influencer outreach templates are provided, although we used our own
  • Automated email broadcasting and follow-ups with Small Agency tier and above

5 SEO Link Building Strategies

While Ninja Outreach is the best link building tool we’ve used to date –tools aren’t everything. It’s important to leverage such a powerful SEO tool with thoughtful link building strategies behind them. You could use these strategies without Ninja Outreach, it just takes longer.

Here’s a collection of our favorite link building strategies, starting with the one we used to acquire our first round of organic backlinks.

1. Provide Information That’s as Good as Money in the Bank

We used to do SEO on the side for our clients, and we understand a number of common SEO glitches that blogs typically have off the shelf –bugs that often go unchecked.

I created an email template that illuminated a glitch or two on an influencer outreach recipient’s website, demonstrated proof of the glitch, and then proceeded to tell them how to fix it.

The end result was an influencer outreach email template for link building that I only had to swap out two links and a screen shot, although I spent a little more time on each because they were legends –and I wanted to keep it personal.

The end of the email said something along the lines of “if you found this useful, here’s 2-3 things on our website you may want to give us a backlink to, but this isn’t a shakedown so no worries if you don’t.”

Correcting the glitch means improved search rank over time, and that’s money in the bank for them. Bloggers have a flavor of authenticity SEO companies don’t, so it’s easier to build relationships as a blogger than it is a suit.

2. Automate Backlinko’s Skyscraper Technique

If you aren’t familiar with Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique, you’re missing out on one of the most effective backlink strategies to date.

In order to automate the outreach component of this top backlink strategy with the help of Ninja Outreach –first use its content prospector tool and filter search results for your niche and topic by backlink quantity.

Once you find the most linked-to content, outdo it. Update it. Improve upon it. And then post your new-and-improved version on your blog.

Then use a tool like MOZ Open Site Explorer to see who’s linking to the original source you found and dig up their email address with Ninja Outreach, and add it to a list.

Now all you have to do is create an email template like the one Brian mentions in the video above (or use a Ninja Outreach template) and broadcast it from the dashboard. You could easily hit 30 prospects in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

This strategy also works great for sharing other content types associated to an article; look for a great article that’s lacking an infographic and make one –and then share it with those who link to the source article, and the source article creator themselves.

3. Automate Broken Link Building

Use the content prospector tool to find articles relevant to your niche with high domain authority and add those you deem valuable to a list in Ninja Outreach.

After that, export your list and open it up. In batches of 50, copy and paste URLs from your list into SEO Automatic’s Free Bulk URL Checker or your favourite paid link checker tool. Make note of any broken links for each article in your original spreadsheet.

From here, create an article based on what the now “dead” article was about. Consider using the Wayback Machine to see a cached version of the article so you can get the gist of what it was about –and as always, improve upon it.

Finally, head over to MOZ Open Site Explorer or SEO Profiler as you did in the Skyscraper technique to view the top websites that have a broken link pointing to that non-existent page –and email everyone using Ninja Outreach to let them know about your new and improved article. In most cases, they’ll be glad you did.

4. Pitch Journalists, Build Links Organically

Ninja Outreach is a HARO Alternative

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) isn’t the only way to get in touch with journalists; the Ninja Outreach social prospecting tool has a filter check box specifically for journalists. This makes Ninja Outreach a great HARO alternative.

Of course, journalists are busier than your average travel blogger so be sure to keep your pitch related to what they typically write about, clear, concise and point form for brevity.

Do as much work for them as you can –tell them the angle, why you’re worth featuring/mentioning, and back up your points with hard data and authority sources.

5. Create Better Content Than Competitors, Get Free Backlinks

Ninja Outreach is a BuzzSumo Alternative

BuzzSumo was once a favorite content idea generator for us until we started using Ninja Outreach. In order to use Ninja Outreach as a BuzzSumo alternative and write better blog posts, use the content prospector to filter search results by how many backlinks and social shares a piece of content has. Figure out a way to improve upon it, and market it as usual –and/or approach those that link to it as mentioned in the Skyscraper technique.

When it comes to identifying popular content, both tools work quite similarly so you can save on the cost of a popular content suggestion tool with this BuzzSumo alternative. (And BuzzSumo has nothing in terms of outreach functions, and it costs more. So, why?).

In Summary

Influencer outreach is a potent link building strategy. To date, I’ve only ever spent the 3 hours of building links mentioned above, although we’re pretty eager to get going with a broader approach to link building in 2019.

Want to learn more about Ninja Outreach? Click here. You can try it out for 2 weeks for free.

Do you have another influencer outreach or link building strategy you have had a lot of success with? Let us know in the comments.

Influencer Outreach Strategies

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