3 Problems Ninja Outreach Solves for Bloggers
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Ninja Outreach is the solution to a wide range of marketing challenges bloggers have. It goes beyond link building –in this brief Ninja Outreach review we suggest different ways this popular link building tool can be used by bloggers. (And it isn’t only for link building).

Ninja Outreach Review

Ninja Outreach is a suite of influencer marketing tools for prospecting and outreach. Sounds simple enough, right? It is difficult to articulate just how useful this blogging tool has been for us, so we’re going get right into it –point form, for brevity.

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Who is Ninja Outreach For?

While I am sure this list will come up short, I immediately saw potential for a handful of groups that Ninja Outreach will benefit the most:

  • Bloggers, copywriters, and professional journalists
  • Content creators (video, music, infoproducts, startups, etc.)
  • Internet marketers, social media managers
  • Search optimization professionals
  • Sales and business development professionals

Simply put, Ninja Outreach is an ideal solution for anyone trying to identify and get in touch with a single target or a whole bunch of them at once with automation; influencers, client prospects, partnership opportunities, and even journalists.

If they have a social profile or a website, they’re part of the data set Ninja Outreach puts at your disposal. You can learn more about Ninja Outreach here.

Link Building Strategies

Problems Ninja Outreach Solves for Bloggers

Blogging is often a chicken/egg game; you can’t afford the tools that help you make money blogging because your blog isn’t cash positive yet –but it will take so much longer to make money blogging without them.

Ninja Outreach is less than half the cost of professional marketing tools that have similar functions (like Pitchbox, for one) because it keeps bloggers in mind. Ninja Outreach is a tool made by bloggers for bloggers, first and foremost. You can hear Dave Schneider who is one of the Ninja Outreach founders discuss how Ninja Outreach came to be in this interview).

1. Write Better Articles

Ninja Outreach will help you “analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor”. Sound familiar? Yes, because that’s exactly what BuzzSumo does, too.

You can find out what’s working best for others and then improve upon it to create content people love from day one of blogging. Whatever you’re talking about –travel destinations, product reviews, you name it –you can outperform the best of the best—if you know what the best of the best is.

Ninja Outreach is the best BuzzSumo alternative because it has email outreach features and comes in at a smaller cost.

2. Get Backlinks for Free

Never pay for a backlink. Instead, invite authority bloggers onto your podcast –or ask to be on theirs. Point them to an article you wrote that could back up a point in one of their own articles. Put an infographic on your website that’s based on their article, and let them know.

There are so many ways to deliver value to an authority blogger that will get backlinks for free –you’re only limited by your imagination. Just keep it short, sweet, and concise.

3. Get Exposure

Anyone with a blog or a social account and influence can be reached –although the more popular they are, the harder it is to find their personal email address. Ninja Outreach has a powerful email finder that will usually pull up personal emails, as well as departmental email addresses and reveal the email structure they use so you can fill in the blanks and figure out anyone’s email associated with the blog or company.

That means it’s really easy to deliver an email to the personal email inbox of journalists, professional reviewers, travel magazine decision makers, and so on.

In Summary

If you’re just starting out, you’re going to need to invest time in learning skills of the trade, and in the tools that successful bloggers use.

If you’d like to give Ninja Outreach a spin, you can try it for free for about 2 weeks.

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments!

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