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A place for digital nomads, travel bloggers, and Hobo with a Laptop / Digital Nomad Escape Plan readers to mingle, swap ideas and network.

Our main focus will be revenue generation, blog monetization, getting picked up for influencer marketing campaigns (free stuff, accommodation, etc), internet marketing, SEO for Google, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

Whatever helps nomads make money, mostly –although it’s an open group and sharing of blog posts is welcome. We also invite you to view our Google Docs and other resources as they become available.

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We’re leveraging our reach as an agency to bring clients and friends into the fold as corporate sponsors for giveaways and discounts for members.

You can view our contests & giveaways page here.

We’ve already got corporate sponsors who want to put software tools into the hands of our readers to boost productivity and make life simpler.

Since June 2017 we’ve given away free software licenses from Speedify and Ninja Outreach.

Future giveaways also include online courses, free accommodation and worthwhile promotions from hotels, resorts, and other bespoke travel businesses.


Previous Giveaways

Month:Sponsor:Related Articles:
June 2017Ninja Outreach5 Link Building Strategies, How to Write Better Blog Posts, 3 Problems Ninja Outreach Solves for Bloggers.
July 2017SpeedifyHow to Speed Up Internet.
October 2017ProofComing soon.

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Free Giveaway in November

Double website opt-ins or sales with social proof: We're giving "Proof" software away (full year, $348 USD value) in October, visit our Giveaways page for more information.

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Exclusive Chiang Mai Guide for Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai, Thailand is the "digital nomad capital of the world", and Hobo with a Laptop readers can get an inside look at this popular destination with Digital Nomad Escape Plan; a 200-page ebook written by nomads, for nomads.

Updated annually, and now completely free.  

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