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To quote Digital Nomad Escape Plan; “the larger the pool of available information, the more important it becomes to have an instructor to curate and guide you through it. Too many voices, little or no harmony”. We also offer one on one coaching sessions, which may be more suitable for your needs and learning style.

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Coming soon, folks. In contrast to what you might find on the web, our comprehensive guides provide you with a straight line from one point to another with complete follow through –they are a road map with everything you need to know to quicken your transition into a location independent lifestyle and start creating a sustainable online income.

Each guide is intended to compliment the next, and they draw upon our experience in travel marketing. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter in the footer below if you’d like to be notified as our resources become available.


Digital Nomad Escape Plan

Digital Nomad Escape Plan is Free

A beginner’s free guide to becoming a digital nomad, and your travel guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand –the “Digital Nomad Capital of the World”.

How to
Start a Blog

Digital Nomad Travel Blogger Guide Tutorial

Another free guide: Learn how to start your own blog, from start to finish. We will show you how to tackle WordPress installation, setup, and design.

Sorry, coming soon!

How to
Monetize a Blog

Digital Nomad Travel Blogger Guide Tutorial

Suitable for a number of niches, this guide will show you how to earn your first hundred dollars blogging. We’ll help you build traffic and monetize, step-by-step.

Sorry, coming soon!

Make Money
with Bitcoin

Digital Nomad Travel Blogger Guide Tutorial

Learn how cryptocurrency works, why it’s useful, how to set up your accounts, use it, and a number of trading strategies. “Mom friendly” –anyone can learn!

Sorry, coming soon!

Free Digital Nomad Course
Digital Nomad Tools
Best Bank Digital Nomads
Remotely Jobs
Personal Coaching for Digital Nomads

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Hobo Laptop Giveaway Proof

Exclusive Chiang Mai Guide for Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai, Thailand is the "digital nomad capital of the world", and Hobo with a Laptop readers can get an inside look at this popular destination with Digital Nomad Escape Plan; a 200-page ebook written by nomads, for nomads.

Updated annually, and now completely free.  

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