6 Writing Tips For Your First Ebook

Writing your first ebook can be a stressful, difficult exercise. In order to make the experience a little easier, we’ve compiled a handful of tips to make your content shine.

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Think about what you want to say and just write it, don’t think about how it should be said. Editing on the fly prohibits free-form thinking, it’s a huge distraction, and it’s so time consuming that you may never finish what you’re writing. Creating your first draft in point form notes often helps, you can always go back and edit it when you put it into sentences.


Look at which direction your competition is going, and run the other way. If you’re able to fill a gap and tailor your content to provide knowledge in an area that is as painful as it is poorly covered, competition for readership is reduced or eliminated. Choosing niche topics and say something that hasn’t already been said. If you find it difficult, you haven’t “niched down” enough.


People share content they find useful, and they’re more likely to leave a review. Reviews build social proof. It’s win/win.


A little polarization within your readership will help create a buzz around your ebook. Provoke discussion by contradicting commonly held wisdom, and back up your claims with reputable sources. Aligning your argument with reputable sources will give your brand credibility and enhance trust.


Create demand and generate new leads with your ebook by offering companion content. Providing an audio version of your ebook is a simple and effective value-add, and can be shared with your readers by including a call to action within your ebook which leads to an email capture form on your website.


If nobody discovers your ebook, the content within it won’t matter. Buyers see tens of thousands of ebooks when they’re looking for something to read, so your cover should be as carefully crafted as your content.

In addition to creating a great ebook cover, be sure to draw focus to the valuable companion content you’ve bundled with it.

In Summary

This is only the tip of the iceberg –check out this Shopify guide to sell ebooks and keep learning. What are your best tips for creating and selling ebooks?

Related: Read our review of FlexJobs –a great source for copywriting work!

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