Need Inspiration? Here’s 22 Real Digital Nomad Jobs

We get it.

You’ve read all about the “laptop lifestyle”, you’re wary of laptop beach selfies, and now you’re looking for the final cog of your own machine –the straight line on getting your own digital nomad job.

Where to find digital nomad jobs?
First rule of Fight Club: Get Apple Care

Well, you’re in luck.

“Where can I find digital nomad jobs to sustain the ability to travel forever or work from home?” is the number one question we get on a regular basis from our coaching clients.

It’s a question that’s got more than one answer.

We’ve helped a lot of people figure out how to get remote work, take on nomad living, or start a side hustle.

And we’re going to answer it right here, right now –-all for you, so buckle up.

where digital nomad jobs

The reality is that most jobs can be converted into an online digital nomad job. And there’s enough entry-level remote jobs out there to sort out beginners, too.

In this article we’re going to explore:

  • 22 categories of real-world digital nomad careers
  • 23 living, breathing people who prove their digital nomad careers have longevity
  • How to get your first entry-level remote job
  • Where to find digital nomad jobs


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digital nomad jobs examples

Digital Nomad Jobs in the Real World

Unless you have a fat trust fund, existing passive income with something like affiliate marketing, or an already successful business like Amazon FBA that affords you all your travel adventures –you will need to keep a digital nomad job to sustain your lifestyle as a location independent individual.

At least, long enough to get your own ship in the water.

Fortunately, a growing number of companies are beginning to understand that talented hire prospects (and the business itself) don’t always thrive in a 9-5 environment.

Some of us work best when we are alone at our desks working from home or somewhere (amazing) that isn’t inside a cubicle.

In fact, “digital nomad jobs” is quickly becoming a defacto industry term on job sites, around the globe.

Find Digital Nomad Jobs on FlexJobs
See —FlexJobs gets it

As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can work remotely from practically anywhere around the world.

If you’d like to get a good head start in nomad living, here is an extensive list of digital nomad jobs you might consider for inspiration –and the people who make these digital nomad careers a part of their day-to-day life.

22 People with Digital Nomad Careers

Here are 22 relatively well-known digital nomads and how they fund their travels by working from a laptop, without a trust fund.

1. Creative Design

digital nomad design jobs

We live in a visual era where images are taking over written word; design skills are in high demand and this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills to companies who need a hand in the design department.

You may be asked to visually design a whole website, company banners, logos, advertising campaigns, and more. Keep a portfolio of your best work and don’t forget to advertise it on your website and social media platforms.

Dan Man from Layer Culture blog --and by the way, sorry we suck on this whole readability thing for the blind. We're working on it. It's new to us and will go back and fix it in 2019. Now that I know you're there, I feel bad any time I don't do ALT text right. Big love.Living proof:

Dan Man from layerculture travels started with a career in logo design. Today he works and lives in and around South America whilst designing delightful digital experiences from his laptop.

remote nomad jobs graphic web designLiving proof:

Jess Warren from Hey Jess funds her travels with a freelance graphic design career. Her site features some of her graphic design work including brand logos, banners, cards, and invitations.

jobs for digital nomads coworking space

2. App Development

Because app development is so high in demand, companies are willing to let their most talented developers work remotely if it means keeping them. There are several job listing sites that provide digital nomad career opportunities on a per project basis while there are also specialized listing sites that seek to match developers with the right companies.

remote nomad jobs app developmentLiving proof:

Lewis from ItinerantDev does freelance development for companies in the UK. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a subset of blogging which allows you to make a handsome amount of cash if you’ve qualified your idea, –and you’re affiliate partners with the right products, companies, and you have copy that converts.

You get a commission every time a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product. To fully benefit from affiliate marketing, you need to generate traffic first which can be done through methods like SEO and PPC ads.

nomad jobs affiliate marketingLiving proof:

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents who earns five-figures monthly on her finance blog through affiliate marketing.

blogging digital nomad job

4. Blogging

There are many success stories out there of people who have made a very lucrative living out of blogging with WordPress –our online income now surpasses anything we made back home in a cubicle.

In under half a year we ramped up our blogging income enough to support our travel, after a full year we destroyed our day job salaries altogether.

If you are good at writing and taking photos, you can start your own blog and write about your travel adventures or whatever niche interests you. I’m not sure if blogging counts as a digital nomad job, because although its a ton of work, it sure doesn’t feel like one.

We recommend doing this on the side at the very beginning. It will be awhile before you can start making money with your blog as you need to build it up first and get traffic before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in the form of ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliates, and more.

remote nomad jobs bloggingLiving proof:

Matthew Karsten from Expert Vagabond has been on the road for 7 years. He runs a travel blog where he shares stories about his travel and adventures, travel tips, inspiring videos and photography. 

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5. Coaching & Consulting

Consulting is another lucrative digital nomad job that can earn you top dollar by the hour. Identify that one thing you’re good at and turn it into a consultation business that answers a recurring pain point.

Mike did this for years through his past digital nomad career –an ecommerce and web development consulting business called Honest Online. It was his online consulting that allowed him to afford the digital nomad lifestyle back in 2012.

There are many things that you can consult about whether it’s finance, marketing, relationships, travel, and more.

After you’ve found a topic that you have experience and knowledge in, decide how you want to conduct your consultations whether it’s per hour, per session, or per week and if you want to do it by person or by group.

remote nomad jobs coaching consultingLiving proof:

Diana Edelman from D Travel’s ‘Round makes money with a digital nomad job consulting for lifestyle brands to help tell their stories through marketing.

6. Dropshipping

It’s very common for digital nomads to be selling some kind of physical product online. As long as it fills a need, you can make a lucrative income from this type of job. With the help of dropshipping or fulfilment by Amazon (Amazon FBA), you can sell as many products as you want without the hassle of keeping a physical inventory. All you need is a laptop and good internet marketing skills.

Living proof:

Steph Bedford from Good Vibes Global who set up her dropshipping business on Shopify before becoming a full-time digital nomad traveling around the world.

7. Translation Services

Take advantage of the few languages that you already know very well and provide translation work for companies as your first digital nomad career move. This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your language skills while making money.

If you’re certified, VIPKid is a great place to start.

remote nomad jobs translationLiving proof:

Leah Shoup from Gringa Journeys works as a translator for two agencies where she gets paid per word.

8. Importer & Exporter

This is similar to dropshipping except you are exporting a physical product yourself from the country where you are currently located.

This is a great digital nomad job opportunity if you have a strong community back home who have an interest in foreign specialty products like art, handwork, antiques, and jewelry –and a proper visa (you technically can’t do this on a tourist visa). You can manufacture the product from scratch or just buy and sell.

remote nomad jobs importerLiving proof:

Jill Bong of Chicken Armor became a digital nomad after they decided they want to spend more time with their children and pursue homesteading.

They supply chicken armor (very niche!) to homesteaders small holders, and poultry vets all over the world including the UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Finland, France, and South Africa.

Nomad Jobs

9. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a great digital nomad job title that spans across many high-demand skillsets including search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, social media management, affiliate marketing, and more. If you have a strength in any of these areas, you can do the marketing for companies who hire digital nomads.

The job will require doing tasks like creating ad copy and banners, scheduling content for social media, optimizing site keywords, and more. Marketing is currently a large portion of our online income.

remote nomad jobs marketingLiving proof:

Pamela Wagner of Pamela Wagner Marketing was a former Google employee turned digital nomad who does marketing and paid advertising for companies in order to fund her location independent lifestyle.

10. Online Poker

If you’re a master poker player, you can make money by playing online poker. Several nomads make a good living playing online poker from anywhere in the world. Just be careful to use a VPN, it’s not a welcome practice everywhere you go!

It’s not necessarily a sustainable digital nomad career for everyone, but it’s a great option for those who know their way around a card deck.

remote nomad jobs online pokerLiving proof:

Nick Dahloff is a digital nomad who plays professional poker to fund his travels in Latin America. 

11. Photography

Turn your amazing shots into passive income by submitting them to stock image sites like iStock, Getty Images, and ShutterStock. They pay a commission every time your photo receives a download. You could also approach hotels, resorts, and tour companies who need professional photos of their services.

remote nomad jobs photographyLiving proof:

Our real-life friends Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini from Nomad is Beautiful make part of their digital nomad income from taking beautiful photos, offering photo tours, and showing others how to take better travel photos. 

12. Proofreading or Editing

This digital nomad career option is a great place to start making a profit from that costly English major; flex your command of the English language by doing proofreading or editing work for SEO or publishing companies.

Every business need editors of all skill levels to check their work for them before releasing it to the world, making proofreading and editing an ideal entry-level digital nomad job, too.

remote nomad jobs proofreading editingLiving proof:

Kate Haigh from Kateproof works as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor for magazines, journals, and websites to support her life of travel. Probably our best proof pun, yet!

13. Social Media Management

Social media has become such a big part of our lives that there’s not a day where one doesn’t check at least one social profile whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Time-poor businesses know how much Millennials rely on social media before they make a purchase, and therefore they’d be smart to hire one to manage it.

If you consider yourself an expert on any social media platform and have the following to prove it, you can be a social media manager. Specializing in only one is okay, too –and sometimes it’s preferred.

This digital nomad job requires that you churn out clever and concise copy to go with visually-captivating images in a strategic way; that means learning the tools that go with the territory (Tailwind is a great place to start).

remote nomad jobs social media managementLiving proof:

Aside from maintaining her beautiful blog, Leah from The Sweetest Way consults with clients on curating a Pinterest profile that’s worthy of likes, saves, and virality.

digital nomad careers

14. Teaching & Tutoring

English-speaking nomads can make money by teaching English to students and tutees as a digital nomad job. You can do this both online and offline.

Offline teaching is the best if you’d like to be more hands-on but if remaining mobile is more important to you, then online teaching is the best way to start your digital nomad career.

There are many platforms out there that help you find schools and students in need of English teachers. Pick one that best fits your salary requirements and schedule.

remote nomad jobs teaching tutoringLiving proof:

Joanna Szreder from The Blond Travels works in English local schools as well as online to support her lifestyle living abroad.

15. Trading and Betting

If you’re good at assessing risks, trading and betting may be more ideal for you. You would need to invest in some capital and have a lot of patience before you can begin earning income from this type of digital nomad job.

It takes awhile to learn how to trade profitably so having something on the side to support your lifestyle will surely help. And of course, this doesn’t only apply to stock markets; crypto is a great place to start, too.

remote nomad jobs trading and bettingLiving proof:

Simon from Freedom Surfer does Forex trading which allows him to travel the world.

16. Transcription

If you are a fast typer with good listening skills, you can do transcription for companies that require text to go with your video or audio.

Make sure that you have the required tools to help make your transcribing tasks much easier. You often get paid by the number of minutes of the audio/video so always keep an eye out for big projects that could earn you a lot of money.

remote nomad jobs transcriptionLiving proof:

Talon Windwalker from 1Dad1Kid who makes most of his income working as a medical transcriptionist.

17. Videography or Video Editing

Just like photography, videography allows you to earn income if you sell it to stock websites like Pond5 and 123RF which give you a cut every time your video is purchased.

You can also offer your videography and editing services to companies who need professional videos for their business (or hotel –it’s a great way to score free accommodation).

remote nomad jobs videography video editingLiving proof:

TJ Lee from CupofTJ who monetizes her videos through affiliate linking and Google Ads. She also does video intros, interviews, courses, and edits for companies.

18. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in demand more than ever thanks to the fast-growing number of solopreneurs. Entrepreneurs can’t do it all by themselves so they hire an assistant to do some parts of their work, allowing them more time to focus on more important things.

It’s how Mike and I first met.

A virtual assistant’s will vary by client. You may be asked to perform tasks like update their social media, schedule appointments, manage their content, write copy, sort documents, and other administration-related tasks.

remote nomad jobs virtual assistantLiving proof:

Bryanna Royal from Crazy Family Adventure who runs a virtual assistant business called Virtual Powerhouse where she works with two other specialists (her husband included!) to provide virtual assistant services to clients.

19. Voice Talent

If you have a strong, clear speaking voice and are able to imitate certain intonations and accents, then you can turn your voice talent into a money-making digital nomad career.

Back in 1994, it would’ve been impossible to take a voice talent career on the road with you but thanks to portable high-quality microphones and co-working spaces with studios, you can practically do this digital nomad job anywhere!

remote nomad jobs voice talentLiving proof:

Jonathan Lockwood from Jonathan Lockwood Voice Talent who has made a career out of being a freelance voice talent recording anything from film narrations to radio voiceovers.

digital nomads jobs

20. Web Development

Don’t let your valuable skillset leave you sitting in the same desk everyday typing code –you’ve got one of the best gigs in the world with digital nomad career potential –flex it.

Web development is different from web design and is a very lucrative job that could earn you enough income to support your location independent lifestyle and save more than the “normals” you’ll leave behind at your old job.

Working on web development remotely is possible thanks to various tools that make it easy to communicate with your employer. The tools you use will depend on your client’s requirements.

remote nomad jobs web developmentLiving proof:

Greg Jorgensen from Typical Programmer is a tech nomad who makes his living providing web development services to companies.

21. Writing

Companies are always on the lookout for talented writers to do some writing for them whether it’s sales copy, blog posts, brochures, or editorials. Having your own blog is a must to demonstrate your ability.

There are several ways to land a writing gig. You can join freelance writing sites, look at job posting sites, or contact the companies and publications directly. All of our writing gigs come through the site you’re looking at.

You can also make money writing for yourself by authoring eBooks (we did that, too). Think of a topic you’re good at that you know people will be interested in. (You will need to do some extensive research for this!)

Start creating your line of eBooks and soon enough, you can begin seeing passive income from the information assets you have created.

remote nomad jobs writingLiving proof:

Kelly Dunning from Global Goose works as a freelance writer writing allows her the freedom to work anywhere she wishes to.

22. Specialized Remote Careers

If your line of work is specialized; say accounting, medical, or engineering –several companies out there are willing to work with remote professionals like you. Here’s a list of companies where you can find jobs in practically any industry you can think of, including specialized ones.

remote nomad jobs specialized careersLiving proof:

Eli David from Become Nomad works as a freelance accountant providing services such as business planning and financial analysis to his clients.

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digital nomad jobs hiring

How to Get a Digital Nomad Job

Getting a digital nomad job may mean upgrading your skills to take an existing job you already understand and porting it over to a remote position.

In other cases, most cases by our count, you’re probably going to want to make the jump sooner –and that means learning how to get an entry-level remote job.

Entry-level or not, we wrote this guide to help you get your first remote job as a digital nomad.

Where to Find Digital Nomad Jobs?

Great question –we’ve got a post about that, too.

And we created a database of job sites that have a specific division just for remote work and digital nomad jobs.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a digital nomad?

Read our digital nomad interview series where we talk to people living their own unique nomad lifestyles abroad, while working online. No two stories are the same; get insight and advice from our peers and shed light on the efficacy of your own plans through the experiences of others.

Not quite ready to be an entrepreneur?

If you’d like to look for some remote work of your own, we put together a directory of digital nomad jobs for you to explore. (PssstFlexJobs is a favorite for us and our readers, we reviewed it here).

Expert Vagabond Testimonial

Ohmygosh! Pins!

how digital nomads make money remote nomad jobs make money online

Digital Nomad Book

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    1. We get amazing Pinterest traffic, almost 1,000 unique visitors per week currently because of my wife’s work –I agree, its both a great way to make an income as a specialist (plenty of fish in the sea!) and a huge benefit to any business hiring for this. I strongly recommend businesses outsource this to digital nomads.

  1. Hi Oshin,

    Awesome list of folks and income streams here.

    I do a lil bit of blogging. OK I do a lot.

    I dig blogging because I:

    – sell my coaching services
    – sell my blogging courses
    – sell my 126 eBooks
    – sell my audio books
    – sell my paperbacks
    – earn Amazon Associates income
    – earn sponsored post revenue
    – earn advertising revenue
    – earn through various consulting streams

    all through my blog.

    You help folks, build bonds with fellow bloggers then over time, and with patience, you earn through so many of the rocking income streams out there….and the possibilities are limitless.

    Thanks for sharing Oshin.


    1. I have met a few digital nomad poker players and wrote about the topic in another blog post. So –short answer; yes. I’d do it on the down low if I knew what I was doing, crypto is my gamble 😉 Just don’t advertise you gamble in a country that considers it illegal.

      Comment updated Spring 2018 to include related article.

  2. In the same category as proofreaders and transcriptionists there are also scopists. These are people who transcribe the testimony typed onto steno machines by court reporters during trials and depositions and other matters. It’s a great job for digital nomads. I did it myself while traveling for 2 years.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing Sabina! Another digital nomad job I didn’t know existed. Anyone interested in this field, click Sabina’s name for a good read on the subject.

      Thanks for filling us in Sabina, visit often!

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