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If you’re not ready to leave it all behind quite yet for life in a Tiny House, converting a city bus, or living abroad as a Digital Nomad making money on a laptop from the tropics; consider The Adventure Truck.

Created by Redditor tylerthompson21, this epic DIY captain’s bed truck conversion is great for overnight adventures that last days, weeks or months. Great for climbers and all manner of outdoor enthusiast.

How to Build an Adventure Truck

From tylerthompson21: The frame of the drawer system with ball bearings for the drawer slides installed.

01 off grid vehicle

The frame is bolted together with angle iron for easy removal. You can see the t-nuts I used to bolt the bearings in place.

off grid truck sleeper cabin

I used old skateboard bearings for the drawer slides. They were free and can handle a lot of weight.

03 off grid sleeping

I used 1×1 square tubing for the drawer slide.

off-grid vanlife van life

The drawer and the top sheet installed.

offgrid vanlife

The drawer with dividers and a lockable handle (the handle is meant for truck boxes).

vanlife offgrid living tiny

The tuck box lock from the back.

off grid truck bed latch

The right forward hatch where the second battery now resides. (More on the battery, later).

john connor truck

The back left hatch. Perfect size for a tent or sleeping bags.

off grid truck terminator

I had to route out the edges of the top sheet where the wheel-wells curved up.

off grid truck

Battery Safety

All in all, a pretty righteous vehicle hack. The only unrealistic part of this DIY truck conversion I see is in regard to the battery.

Batteries need air ventilation, and are too volatile to have inside the cabin where the occupant might sleep.

Not long after sharing, fellow Redditors pointed out a number of battery options to make it work.

Suggestions included safer batteries and solar panels, as well as a battery isolator to avoid running down all batteries on the vehicle at once which could leave one stranded.

How to Live in Your Car

That about sums up the best way to live out of your car! Have any other examples you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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