Here’s a collection of legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, starting with a few quick tips on where to look for stay at home jobs –to get hired faster and have more money in your pocket.

In this article we’ll explore the following;

  • The different types of remote job sites
  • Which type is the best place to look for legitimate work from home jobs hiring now
  • Provide you with a list of jobs that you can apply for right now

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Remote Jobs From Home

Stay at Home Jobs Futureproof Your Career

Businesses are in a tailspin, competing with bigger competitors who are investing in automation and artificial intelligence while chewing on new increased minimum wage regulations.

As a result, businesses are downsizing or ditching their offices altogether, and turning regular job positions into stay at home jobs in an effort to lower their overhead and stay profitable.

Both blue collar and white collar positions are threatened, and governments aren’t able to bail everyone out all the time ā€“legitimate work from home jobs hiring now provide an edge to anyone looking for work (and a little more convenience day-to-day).

With a stay at home job, you not only have a greater chance of staying employed –you’re also trading the morning commute for the snooze button, working in the comfort of your own home where pants are optional, and the coffee is actually drinkable.

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Finding Remote Work Can Be a Headache

Job postings move fast, the competition is recession-level fierce, and filling out application after application feels like a waste of time when no one is calling back.

Does it feel like you’re always applying for stay at home jobs and never getting hired?

If so, you might just be looking for legitimate work from home jobs in the wrong place.

3 Kinds of Work From Home Jobs Websites

When I first started working online, finding legitimate work from home jobs felt virtually impossible –and then I discovered that I was simply looking in the wrong job pools.

There are typically three places to find stay at home jobs;

  • Low paying “gig economy” online sweatshops
  • Stale job listing aggregate sites
  • Supported remote jobs listings sites

Let’s briefly examine each type of job search site, and then move into a collection of active legitimate work from home jobs that are hiring right now.

legitimate stay at home jobs

1. “Gig Economy” Sites

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr charge 20% off every dime you make, before taxes.

It has been my experience that they’ll typically side with the client/employer in a dispute. Some shady clients will file a dispute just to get your work for free. So, what’s the 20% for when they aren’t looking out for you?

There’s more; clients on Upwork reserve the right to monitor your laptop screen and can be alerted of inactivity.

Communication with your clients is facilitated through Upwork, so they own your client relationships. And as luck would have it, if you don’t work frequently enough –part time or something to that effect– your profile can be “ghosted” and removed from searches by employers looking for ideal candidates altogether.

And finally, their points-based system. Sites like Upwork put you on a shelf next to a million other job candidates for legitimate work from home jobs hiring now, tomorrow, and always. Just like an Amazon product or factory farmed meat.

You start with no points on your profile, so you need to charge low enough to make you attractive to frugal employers. Undercut yourself a few times, gain some ratings. Get enough ratings and it’s a deterrent to leave the plantation –all that work building it up, how could you afford to start over elsewhere?

Sites like Upwork bring home everything you hated about the office, in my opinion.

2. Job Listing Aggregates

It’s easy to apply for thousands of legitimate work from home jobs hiring now on these sites, but incredibly difficult to actually get hired when they’re the same free job listings churned out by job portals all over the internet.

Fueled by ad revenue in most cases and referral bounties in others, these kinds of stay at home jobs sites aren’t in the business of job retention. They want clicks.

They aren’t screening out deadbeat employers, they’ll take a job posting from anyone. And they rarely offer human support for job seekers looking for legitimate work from home jobs.

3. Supported Remote Job Listings

Supported remote job listings are where I’ve had the most success with legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

They interview employers before they can post a job, and they manually review each and every stay at home job listing.

They put job seekers first by listening to feedback and banning shady employers when they donā€™t meet quality guidelines or make late invoice payments to online workers or freelancers like you.

They provide support to all of their users and allow you to phone in –they don’t push you into a support ticketing system if they don’t have to. They make it personal.

And perhaps the best part; they’re less attractive to frugal job seekers, which eliminates a large chunk of the competition.

Work From Home Income

My Recommendation

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to pay a few bucks to jump the line if it’s going to improve my chances of getting hired, help me spend less time applying for jobs, and pull me out of the waiting game faster.

The only supported job site I use for finding legitimate online jobs is FlexJobs –and our readers do, too.

At last check, our FlexJobs review indicated that as many as 100 of our readers upvoted them. Thatā€™s dozens of votes higher than any other remote job site in our reviews database. (I think the voting widget breaks at 100, I’ll need to look into that).

I’ve been using them for years, and I worked out a discount for our readers.

With our promo code it comes out to around $3.75 per month for screened, legitimate work from home jobs hiring now. Support and coaching are included at no charge.


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legit work from home jobs now hiring

Remote Jobs From Home Hiring Now

Reputable businesses like TTEC, Amazon, Hilton, Dell, Robert Half International, BroadPath Healthcare Solutions, GitHub, VIPKid, and Convergys are all offering legitimate work from home jobs hiring now and on a regular basis, just to name a few.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time stay at home mom job or you need full-time employment, there’s going to be something on this list for you.

I tweaked the search filters on Flexjobs to ensure that all of the following stay at home jobs categories link to live, current, always-updated, legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

Brand Ambassador Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $34,744

Moms, dads, world travelers, online influencers, bloggers, and professionals of every stripe can make great brand ambassadors because of their tried-and-tested lifestyle.

From auto mechanics to medical professionals, the pool of jobs in this category is wide open.

Explore work from home brand advocate jobs for brands in different niches like technology, software, fitness, medical programs, childrenā€™s education, travel, or just about any other product or service youā€™re passionate about.

Brand Ambassador Jobs

Travel Consultant Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $37,000

Legitimate work from home (or abroad!) travel jobs are more common than you might think –the internet hasn’t killed all the travel consultant jobs, and some of the ambassador jobs I found above were also for the travel industry.

Manage travel arrangements for businesses and/or consumers ranging from cruise lines, airlines, luxury resorts, or tour bookings. According to FlexJobs, many positions offer the benefit of travel credits that could also allow you and your family to travel.

Travel Consultant Jobs

Graphic Design Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $39,791

Graphic design jobs aren’t just for intensive projects, they can also be social media design, too –like making Pins for Pinterest, images for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

My wife has made a decent living as a social media designer and we know plenty of Westerners who make a reliable income with this kind of stay at home job.

If youā€™re down with Adobe, or even Canva in some cases, being a graphic designer is one of the best legitimate work from home jobs hiring now. Graphic design pays well, schedules are almost always flexible, and you get to build your graphics portfolio.

Graphic Designer Jobs

Social Media Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $41,326

Social media specialist jobs are ideal remote jobs from home that will grow and evolve as social media platforms change, new trends emerge, and new platforms come onto the market. Learning as you go is common in this line of work, employers probably won’t expect you to have all the answers on day one.

Most people already use social media, and the skills you learn on the job can be easily ported over to multiple clients –or on your own projects.

When I last looked, social media jobs hiring now ranged from part-time to full-time.

Social Media Jobs

Marketing Specialist Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $53,000

There are countless marketing roles that are ideal work from home jobs, ranging from search engine optimization and content strategy to marketing coordinator positions.

Even those with limited online work experience could likely find a legitimate work from home job as a blogger outreach specialist. When it comes to digital marketing, the opportunities are endless.

Marketing Jobs

Copywriter Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $41,000

Copywriting jobs are a great place to start for people who want to work from home with no experience, and for those that have plenty of it. It really just depends on the nature of the work.

When I started copywriting as a way to fund my travel as I went along, I had no experience. Mind you, I wasn’t paid very much in the beginning. Eventually I gained experience and my rates improved drastically.

If you’re just starting out, consider working for an SEO company or for bloggers –they need copywriters like a fish needs water. As you improve your writing craft, you can move on to a more professional capacity.

Copywriting and blogging jobs are a great way to learn about new and interesting topics, while developing your voice as a writer. The hours are flexible and if you get the right client, it never gets boring.

Copywriter Jobs

Proofreader Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $43,242

If you already have experience as a copywriter and you’re a detail-oriented person, proofreading jobs may be the best legitimate work from home job for you.

As a remote proofreader, it is your responsibility to ensure consistency, keep formatting in check, confirm facts and details, check grammar, and more. For some, it’s easy money.

Proofreader Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring jobs have always been a popular choice for people looking for legitimate work from home opportunities, in most cases all one needs is an internet connection, a Skype account, and a laptop.

If you know any college or university students, tutoring makes a great summer job –or something to fill a gap year.

There’s a lot of variety for online tutors, whether it’s for younger students or for certified corporate professionals. Subjects range from languages and maths to corporate accounting or creative writing. If someone’s learning something, there’s always going to be a need for an online tutor.

Online Tutor Jobs

Health Coach Jobs

If you look and feel great, why not help others learn how you did it?

If we all have something in common, everyone’s busy, and everyone will benefit from taking better care of their health. And for those of us that have a keen understanding of how the body works and great people skills, becoming an online health coach may be your best choice for a legitimate work from home job hiring now.

Stay at home jobs in fitness and mental health are be a powerful way to help others live a healthy lifestyle while keeping your own finances on track.

If what people are putting into their face is more your thing, they also have nutrition specialist jobs.

Health Coach Jobs

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $57,295

Virtual assistant jobs can vary from basic office tasks like updating spreadsheets to managing schedules, writing blog posts, creating content for social media, email outreach, or transcribing audio –just about any task can be turned into a virtual assistant job.

The idea is that you’re someone’s “right hand” and help them achieve bigger and better things. Virtual assistant jobs are a really great way to shadow a professional and learn more about the bigger picture of running an online business for yourself.

The median pay we found for this work from home job category seems a little high though. I’d estimate the median salary for a virtual assistant job is closer to $35,000 – $45,000.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Data Entry Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $33,139

Data entry jobs are among the most flexible stay at home jobs on the market.

Create your own daily routine –work when the kids are asleep or go to the beach every day after breakfast. If you’ve got strong typing skills and an eye for detail, this is a legitimate work from home job hiring now where you can take back the best hours of each day.

Data Entry Jobs

Web Design & Development Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $66,130

Web design and/or development jobs are a popular choice for a variety of reasons; mobile apps are constantly getting ported over to the web because businesses are getting frustrated with monopolistic app store fee structures, and every business or personal brand needs a website.

And you’re in luck –they all seem to prefer remote workers for these jobs.

In addition to web design or development jobs, you can apply for a position in prototyping, user interface design, user experience, user acceptance testing, and other web-related stay at home jobs.

So if you can code from scratch or you’re proficient with WordPress and a little CSS, you should definitely explore these legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

For a bit of a higher salary, check out software development jobs if you’re so inclined.

Web Design Jobs . Web Developer Jobs

Video Editor Jobs

Annual Median Pay: $60,401

When YouTube stars can make millions of dollars every year, you can bet businesses have noticed.

If you’re already a video blogger climbing the ranks of YouTube’s search algorithm, why not cash in on your skills while you work towards your first million followers?

Video Editor Jobs


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work from home jobs with no experience
For the love of pearl, never again!

What Do You Think?

If there’s a legitimate work from home jobs category that you think should be on this list and we missed it, please let us know in the comments.

So, what are you going to do with your newfound freedom? If you’re interested in doing a little travel while working remotely from the road, you may want to read How to Become a Digital Nomad.

Beyond that, hope you’ve got that brand new job before we meet again!

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