Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where to Find Furnished Apartments in Chiang Mai

There are countless apartment options available in Chiang Mai, here are a handful of apartments to begin your search with.

Key Neighborhood

Nimmanahaeminda Road (aka Nimman, or Nimmanhaemin) and its surrounding area is the best place to live in Chiang Mai if you’re a digital nomad. It’s a slightly newer neighborhood, it’s clean, lots to do, is located near Immigration and the airport, and it has everything a Westerner needs to feel at home.

The locals which live in this neighborhood are a little more “hi-so” (high society) and you’ll see some nice sports cars from time to time.

The average cost is 6,000 baht to 14,000 baht per month, although if you’re looking for deals, they are out there.

Apartments in the Nimmanahaeminda Area

Whether you’d like to be a little more frugal in the beginning or jump right into living lavishly, there are options here for any budget. Each of these suggestions are either from my own experience, or the experience of a fellow Nomad. No cold suggestions, however conditions or pricing may change with demand and popularity.

I recommend visiting each place in person and taking a week or two to make the right choice. Calling around can prove difficult when you’re not able to use your hands and play charades while speaking.

Also worth mention that there are a number of really lush yet affordable lofts tucked above businesses, so keep your eyes peeled.

These are merely suggestions for first-time nomads –not everyone likes to live in the “Nimman bubble” forever. After a while, find another, less Westernized neighborhood to explore and live in. You’ll be glad you did.

Residence SG

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: Booking.com

Close to Wat Chet Yot

6,000 baht to 8,000 baht per month + utilities

My favorite first choice (especially when recording video!) because it is as quiet as it is brand new. These air-conditioned apartments come fully furnished and include a small kitchen with a refrigerator.

Currently they don’t have a website, although their Facebook page has some decent photos and contact information. Compare pricing with Agoda and Booking.com.

Srisuwan Mansion

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: Chiang Mai Locator

Maekuamoong Road

6,000 baht to 9,000 baht per month + utilities

These air-conditioned apartments are somewhat basic and a little more “Thai style”, with a tiny kitchen area and a sink on their balcony (which is not uncommon here). The balconies are massive, and the price range varies based on their size/configuration. It’s also got a pool which requires 500 baht per month to access it, or 60 baht per day –small price to pay. You can find rental information here.

View Doi Mansion

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: TripAdvisor

36 Morakot Rd., T.Chang Phuak, A. Muang, Chiang Mai

6,000 baht per month + utilities

Fresh, modern, and equipped with a great view, View Doi Mansion suites come with a desk, king sized bed, dining table, great internet connection (included), TV, good sized balcony with sink, and local laundry facilities. You can find rental informatione here.

Green Hill Place

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: TripAdvisor

45/38, Moo.5, Super highway Road, T. Changperk, A. Muang Chiang Mai

9,000 baht to 25,000 baht per month, 2 bedroom apartments up to 27,000 baht per month

Green Hill Place has a number of different air conditioned options and configurations, from standard room to a larger suite with a small kitchenette. It’s got a gym, swimming pool, business facilities, convenience store, water delivery and is all quite new and open. Cleaning service available for 300 baht to 900 baht per week depending on the size of your suite. You can find rental information here.

Hillside Condo 2 – 3

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: Hillside Condo Facebook page

Soi 10, Nimmanahaeminda Road, Suthep, Chiang Mai

11,000 – 14,000 baht per month + utilities

There are a few “Hillside” condos in Chiang Mai spread around the city. Hillside Condos’ 2 and 3 are located directly on Nimmanhaemin Rd, surrounded by co-working spaces and restaurants in the heart of Nimmanhaemin. This location also has a fitness center, laundry service, and apartments come equipped with a kitchen. You can find rental information here.

Hillside Condo 4

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Image source: Hillside Condo Facebook page

50/24 Huay Kaew Rd., Muang, Chiang Mai

14,000 baht per month + utilities

Hillside Condo is in between two popular shopping destinations; Maya Mall and Kad Suan Huay Kaew Shopping Center, and is only 10 minutes from Nimmanhaemin Rd. Apartments here have air-conditioning, a kitchen with refrigerator, and the building has an excellent swimming pool. Internet access is an additional 700 baht per month. You can view their website here.

Chiang Mai Lodge

Chiang Mai apartment rental
Image source: Chiang Mai Lodge

7 Ratchpruak Rd., Huay Kaew, Tambon Suthep, Amphoe Chiang Mai

6,000 baht to 36,000 baht per month

Apartment residences in the junction of Huay Kaew and Santitham equipped with wireless internet, cable television, laundry, restaurant, coffee shop. Clean, good location. Compare pricing with Agoda and Booking.com.

Sakulchai Place

Where to Find Apartment Chiang Mai
Image source: Agoda

10 Soi. Plubplung T.Changhuak District Muang Chiang Mai

5,250 baht to 20,000 baht per month

Sakulchai Place has a swimming pool, fitness room, patio, restaurant, and it’s pretty darn comfortable. Compare pricing with Agoda and Booking.com.

Kantary Hills

Where to Find an Apartment Rental in Chiang Mai Thailand
Image source: Kantary Hills Chiang Mai

Soi 12 Nimmanahaeminda Road, Chiang Mai

54,000 baht per month

If you’re a little more financially comfortable and have no objection to paying similar rent costs as you did back home (and live really well) Kantary Hills is for you. I didn’t want every option on my list to be a “value option” because not everyone reading this guide is looking for one.

Living in one of Kantary Hills’ fully furnished apartments is like living in a hotel; pool, sauna, business facilities, daily cleaning service, decent buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, and each apartment comes with a small living room and a kitchenette. Compare pricing with Agoda and Booking.com.

Didn’t Find a Chiang Mai Apartment You Like?

If you didn’t find an apartment in Chiang Mai that you like on this list, check out Perfect Homes for a broader selection.

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  1. Hey Michael!

    Found you on Twitter. I’ve never been to Chiang Mai before, but it’s certainly on my list. Bookmarking these recommendations because this will definitely be helpful when I go! I looked up the comparisons to USD – wow, it’s so affordable. Airbnb definitely has inflated prices (most likely due to service charge) so at least this is a great starting point!

    1. I really appreciate your comment, thanks Krista! Chiang Mai is incredibly affordable and it’s such a great place to reduce your cost of living to pursue a new project. The infrastructure is generally reliable, lots of internet cafes, amazing Northern Thai food, and it’s quite modern while still retaining a bit of that small village feel (even though it definitely isn’t a village). On top of that, the people are super friendly and accustomed to the presence of foreigners.

      PS. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! Love the design, photography, and it’s really well written. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Do you think its necessary to make appointments ahead of time for viewings or is it best to just show up and see what’s available?

    1. If you’ve been around for a bit, make a Thai friend and have them help you out with phone calls. Although I would often just show up, they usually have someone at the front desk who can show you an apartment. If a manager isn’t around, you can leave your contact information. I recommend really bright sticky notes for that lol They’re often not the best at passing on messages or getting back to people, even when money is involved. Leave your number AND your Line (app) ID –that’s their most popular chat app at the moment.

      Thanks for dropping by Julia!

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