This Tool Makes Distributing Your Travel Blog Content Easy

This little-known blogging tool will only take you 60 seconds or less to set up, and it will boost blog traffic automatically using Twitter and other social media websites. You only need to set it up once and it works long-term, quietly in the background.

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How to Distribute Your Blog in Under 60 Seconds

How to Get Twitter Followers FreeOne of the blogging tools that has helped us succeed in generating over 200 unique visitors per day in our first 2 months after resurrecting Hobo with a Laptop is called Triberr; a service that will help you get twitter followers instantly, free.

How to Get Twitter Followers Free

What is Triberr?

Simply put, it’s a content syndication machine that is most commonly used in conjunction with Twitter.

Users link their social accounts to it, browse content feeds (Tribes), and click “queue”. As simple as that, users have great content to share with their audiences.

On the other side of the coin; bloggers simply hook up their blog’s RSS feed to their Triberr profile along with their Twitter account, and then whenever they publish a blog post on their website it will automagically appear in Triberr’s content suggestion feeds for users to queue on their social network of choice. It works with any website that supports RSS, not just WordPress.

When content is shared by users via Triberr, it will include your article title and your Twitter handle.

If you publish quality content that people want to read, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get your content distributed across many Twitter feeds from people who didn’t know who you were yesterday.

How to Get Twitter Followers Instantly, Free with Triberr

1. Create a Really Great Piece of Content

If you’re reading this I assume you already have blog content to share, but I’ll explain quickly how we come up with solid content ideas anyway.

Find your most popular posts and write more about the topics they discuss. Take a side door approach to the same topic through another lens, offer a different perspective, or solve a different challenge using the same subject matter.

For example; If you write about a location, product, or service and the article becomes popular, change the perspective. An article about “Things to do in XYZ” can become “Why you should visit XYZ”, or a satirical post along the lines of “X reasons why I will never go back to XYZ”.

That’s three article ideas, same high-performing topic.

2. Sign Up for Triberr

Starting now the rest of the process will take 60 seconds or less, we timed it ourselves. We’re not taking a deep dive into this solution to keep it brief, just the meat and potatoes to show you how to get Twitter followers instantly, free.

Go to and register an account. Link your Twitter account (and/or Facebook, Linked In accounts) and your blog.

3. Plug in Your RSS Feed

How to Get Twitter Followers Free

We use Yoast SEO to manage our RSS feed address, so it is naturally “”, although yours may not be.

How to figure out what your RSS feed URL is:

  • Open your website
  • Type/hold “CTRL U”
  • Type/hold “CTRL F” and type “RSS” into the search box
  • The URL that follows “application/rss+xml” is your RSS feed URL

How to Get Twitter Followers FreeGo to account settings, click on “My Blogs”, and add your blog name, regular URL, and RSS feed URL.

How to Get Twitter Followers Free

4. Now Join Some Tribes

To ensure that your blog is distributed in front of as many eyes as possible, go and join as many Tribes that are relevant to your niche as possible. Use the top search bar to find them, join them.

How to Get Twitter Followers Free

Once you join, your blog posts will automagically appear in the Tribe’s feed without any action on your part. The heavy lifting is over.

5. Share Some Content, Too

Now be a good neighbor and share some content from other bloggers. This act will also get you followers. More often than not, I get a follow back after sharing someone else’s content through the service. And I will often follow others who share mine. They don’t call it a “sharing economy” for nothing.

Why Traffic is Important for Bloggers

Traffic is everything when it comes to blogging; traffic will allow you to test out ideas, learn what works, what doesn’t, and it will direct your content schedule so you can just focus on producing high-value, shareable content.

You can’t just throw noodles at the wall and hope they stick. Syndicating an article you paid $5 for on iWriter won’t do anyone any good. Quality and style are also key ingredients to make this strategy work.

And quite often, great content will still need a push. When you see a blog post getting a lot of tweets, shares, or likes, it often didn’t get that way because someone wrote it and let it sit idly. They promoted it heavily using blog syndication tools like Triberr.

In Summary

The whole process, aside from content creation, will take less than 60 seconds if you’re a quick clicker. Of course, you’ll probably want to look around –explore the whole website, get to know it. It’s going to be a great traffic generator for you if you’re writing great content.

There’s a whole wide world of websites like this out there, which have you tried? Which do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great suggestion, didn’t knew this tool 🙂 Have you checked out also Quuu Promote? I bought some credits on discount with Appsumo but I still have to try it. By far, looks very interesting

    1. I’m very interested in learning first hand from a Quuu user!

      I wasn’t sure about Quuu; I saw the AppSumo promotion, but I have a gut feeling (which could be totally wrong) that it’s efficacy in the market is low, thus the AppSumo promo in the first place. It’s all about the users on the platform who are willing to share your content, and AppSumo might just be boosting an under-performing product. Everyone on Quuu would easily share Neil Patel’s content, but would they share yours or mine?

      If I went paid today, I’d use CoPromote which works on a freemium model. They give you a very decent trial period before you have to pull out your wallet. I found their platform worked even a bit better than Triberr when I tried it out.

      I smell an article here: Quuu vs CoPromote vs Triberr and others.

      Thanks for the comment Angelo, I appreciate it. If you feel like it, let us know how it goes with Quuu.

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