Suggested Reading for Aspiring Digital Nomads

Reading List for Digital Nomads

There are a number of books that have either influenced myself, or people I’ve met along my path that I thought I’d highlight here. These books relate to mindset, personal experience, and necessary skills. Once again, affiliate links below.

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I didn’t want to give you a year of reading –just a few essentials.

And of course, if you haven’t read 4 Hour Workweek, I think now is the time. (Also be sure to check out our free 200+ page ebook called Digital Nomad Escape Plan).

While you may not appreciate every single aspect of Tim’s book, it is a bible of sorts, for most modern nomads and it comes up in discussion a lot.

Mindset and Overcoming Personal Obstacles

A handful of books to get you over yourself, and mentally prepare you for the drastic changes ahead. I’ve read all but one of these books and they helped me cope with my own negative attitudes and those around me, get out of a rut, or leverage skills and experience I already had for a higher quality of life.

On Work, Travel and Life Balance

These books are highly rated and useful from the get-go. Worth mention is that I really enjoy just about anything Mish Slade writes and I suggest checking out her other work; she’s a great inspiration for both my career and my life on the road. I’ve listed two of her books here at the top of the list.

The Trustafarian Handbook

Suggested Reading for Aspiring Digital NomadsThis book suggestion is in a league of it’s own. In light of all of the digital nomad lifestyle memes being tossed around lately, I thought I’d add a satire to the list.

If you’re going to make a serious go of becoming a digital nomad, it’s probably best you have a firm grasp on how we’re viewed by many of the fine folks of Reddit, and other communities. I couldn’t put it down (it’s hilarious), and I found so many parallels between Trustafarians and Digital Nomads that I couldn’t stop showing my wife, who was no stranger to digital nomads and brohemians before I rolled into her life.

I suggest reading the Trustafarian Handbook –surprisingly enough, it hasn’t been ported over to digital nomads just yet.

Although, I am hoping this suggestion spawns one. If you decide to write a satirical digital nomad handbook, I’d really like to write one of the forewords. You know, after Tim Ferris and Johnny FD.

You can pick up The Trustafarian Handbook here.

Wrapping it up

Fellow nomads! This reading list is a mere drop in the bucket –there’s plenty of them out there for you to enjoy.

Are their any books or other digital nomad reading lists that inspired you –or perhaps you wrote a book of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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