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Our GoPro Accessories Kit for Traveling, Updated for Hero 7

After a lot of research, planning and “I wish I had a GoPro right now” moments, we bought a Hero 5 and 6 along with a bunch of the best GoPro Hero 6 accessories for traveling we could find.

Here’s what’s in our GoPro accessories kit, and whether or not GoPro Hero 5 and 6 accessories will work on the new GoPro Hero 7.

Best GoPro Accessories for Traveling
This GoPro Hero 6 accessories round-up was published on August 10, 2018 and updated in March 2019

GoPro Hero Accessories Review

The criteria for this “best GoPro accessories kit” are as follows;

  • We had to test each and every GoPro accessory in this kit, first hand –with the exception of a variety of Supersuit form factors we’ll get into later
  • GoPro accessories we review must be ideal for travel; light-weight, durable, and easily replaceable (cheap, but not low-quality) should they wind up lost, stolen or at the bottom of the ocean
  • Every item in our GoPro accessories kit should have stellar online reviews, and be reliably used by our peers
  • No superfluous GoPro travel accessories; carry-on space is limited so everything on this list is compact, durable, and geared towards making high quality GoPro travel videos

Do GoPro Hero 6 Accessories Fit the New GoPro Hero 7?

best GoPro accessories kit
GoPro Hero7 accessories are interchangeable with previous versions

We haven’t picked up a new GoPro Hero 7 just yet, but our research indicates that accessories for the GoPro Hero 6 (and the Hero 5) will work on the new GoPro Hero 7.

That also includes the GoPro Karma drone –some accessories may require a software update to work but they are all reported to work properly.

Housings across the GoPro Hero 5, 6, and 7 are all the same form factor, buttons are all in the same place, and Hero accessories that use Bluetooth are only a software update away from working properly.

Before you start building out your own GoPro accessories kit for traveling, check out the video below:

It’s Time to Make Some GoPro Travel Videos

I haven’t published any kind of video since my twenties, back when I was a video editor for the Yellow Pages.

In the 10 years or so that have passed, video editing software has come a long way and so have the cameras. The only thing that’s remained the same is how stupid, stuttery, and awkward I look on video.

After living abroad for the better part of a decade and capturing virtually nothing in terms of quality photos or video I decided it was time to pick up a couple GoPro cameras and join the GoPro travel videos club.

Maybe make some courses I’ve had on the backburner for five long years.

In other words, it’s time to get over my fear of being in front of a camera.

Put away my abhorrence of selfie sticks.

And become “that guy” –a seemingly self-important travel blogger who makes videos of food, innocuous motor bike rides, and breaks their GoPro swimming.

Yup, after having our first GoPro for a month, I’ve done all of the above.

Best GoPro accessories kit
An artist’s depiction of the wave that killed my first GoPro Hero 6 after 10 minutes in water –defective battery hatch

Thank goodness for the “no questions asked” GoPro Plus care plan –you can sign up via their app (although if you break your GoPro they still want a sneaky $99 USD service fee in many cases).

After buying a massive GoPro Hero 6 accessories bundle on Lazada (Asia’s answer to Amazon) –and a second GoPro while I await the first one to get repaired and mailed back to me from Singapore, I thought I’d throw down what our version of a best GoPro accessories for traveling kit looks like.

I haven’t been this obsessed since Lego. When I was five.

In a two month period we had time to thoroughly test everything on this list with both a GoPro Hero 6 and GoPro Hero 5.

Expect some GoPro travel videos before the end of the year, it’ll just take a little time –we’ve got other ambitious plans to act on first; 2 new site launches, a guide to Palawan, more time in Chiang Mai, Nomad Cruise 7, a massive giveaway, some time in Bali, and much, much more.

You’ll see –we’re on fire.

So we’ll get to it when we get to it. The scenes are already planned and a loose script has been written for our first foray into travel video. We want it to be unlike any other travel blogger videos you’ve seen to date.

GoPro Accessories Kit

GoPro Hero 5 vs 6

GoPro scores big points for keeping their accessories backwards compatible; most GoPro Hero 6 accessories work with the Hero 5.

The batteries are the same capacity and you can swap them between models, as are other aftermarket GoPro accessories such as the Telesin Supersuit, polarizer lenses, selfie sticks, diving masks, and every other GoPro Hero 6 accessory or cable we bought.

The only GoPro Hero 6 accessory you may not want to swap between the Hero 5 vs 6 is the SD memory card –unless you’re strictly using GoPro SD cards with a 90mbps write speed at a minimum, and are keeping the storage capacity at 128gb or below.

The outer shell form factors of GoPro Hero 5 vs 6 are identical with the exception of the GoPro logo on the front and side; the Hero 6 has a color logo on the front, the Hero 5 doesn’t.

Key differences between the GoPro Hero 5 vs 6:

  • GoPro Hero 6 has a new GP1 custom processor which is responsible for faster recording, improved image quality, and managing larger files at a faster speed
  • GoPro Hero 6 requires a slightly faster SD memory card to record 4k 60fps with Protune
  • GoPro Hero 5 is limited to a maximum 128gb SD card, and the Hero 6 is limited to a maximum 256gb SD card
  • GoPro Hero 5 can record 4k at 30fps and the Hero 6 can record 4k at 60fps
  • GoPro Hero 5 slow motion recording at 240fps can only be done at 720p, whereas the Hero 6 can record slow motion at 240fps at full 1080p HD
  • GoPro Hero 6 can also record 2.7k at 120fps, the Hero 5 can only do half that frame rate
  • GoPro Hero 6 is more conservative with exposure, allowing greater detail in shadows
  • GoPro Hero 6 image stablization is greatly improved
Best GoPro Hero 6 Accessories
Just about everything in our GoPro travel accessories kit and room for more

Two Camera Setup

Filming the same shot from two different points of view that you can switch between is handy, and makes for easy, more engaging film editing.

For slow motion scenes we use our Hero 6, and for everything else we use the 1080p 60fps setting on both cameras.

GoPro is Waterproof, Use a Supersuit Anyway

And finally; even though all modern GoPro Hero cameras are waterproof up to 10 meters (33ft), I still suggest using a Supersuit to ensure you don’t wind up with a dead GoPro like we did.Ā Never know.

When our first GoPro died, it was naked, sans Supersuit.

To learn more about the differences between the GoPro Hero 5 vs 6, we pulled this helpful chart from the GoPro website:

GoPro Hero 5 vs 6

Best GoPro Accessories Kit for Traveling

I hate calling things “the best” because what makes anything the best accessories for GoProĀ is subjective. Truthfully, I’m just corralling the search term to help readers like you find this list of GoPro Hero 6 accessories for traveling.

This is everything we started out with and we don’t lug every single Hero 6 accessory on this list with us, everywhere we go. We usually have our scenes planned before taking a trip and only take along what’s necessary.

If you find this GoPro starter kit useful or have something to add, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Now let’s take a look at our lineup of the best GoPro accessories for traveling.

Best Go Pro Accesories for Travel

GoPro SD Memory Cards

The GoPro Hero 6 has increased recording speed and a larger SD card size capacity over the Hero 5.Ā SD card requirements differ between the two models.

The HeroĀ 5 Black has a maximum SD card capacity of 128gb.

The Hero 6 Black has a maximum SD card capacity of 256gb.

Are GoPro Hero 6 SD Cards Compatible with Hero 5?

Yes, GoPro Hero 6 SD cards are backwards compatible with a Hero 5 and even the baseline Hero (2018) model if you choose a maximum capacity of 128gb.

However, Hero 5 SD cards may not be compatible with a Hero 6 due to their lower speed capability.

Make sense?

There’s a whole lot of confusion on the interwebs as to which SD card to choose for either GoPro camera in order to use each to their maximum hardware potential.

So we did our research and then simplified things for our readers by choosing one that’s optimized (with a touch of overkill) for a GoPro Hero 6,Ā while being completely backwards compatibleĀ with a GoPro Hero 5, and even the baseline Hero (2018).

You’re better off with a more modern GoPro SD card if you have more than one model. We stuck with 128gb GoPro micro SD cards because storing too much footage on one card, and then losing it, would really suck.

best GoPro Hero 6 SD Card
This GoPro Hero 6 SD card is also compatible with the Hero 5; there are no bottlenecks in speed or performance for either camera, it’s a bit more powerful than any current GoPro needs to function
View Reviews on Amazon


Best GoPro Accessories for Snorkeling
This man dropped his cell phone moments earlier

Telesin GoPro Dome

The Telesin GoPro Dome (aka the bubble) is one of the best GoPro accessories for snorkeling and diving, and it’s what travel bloggers use when they take those half in, half out of the water shots like the one above.

With a lens as small as that of a GoPro, it’s almost impossible to line up the water line in a shot without a GoPro dome.

Best GoPro Accessories for Travelling

In our opinion, Telesin makes some of the best aftermarket GoPro accessories and their GoPro dome is no exception. Even the unboxing experience was thought of; it feels (and works) like a high-end professional glass GoPro bubble, at a much lower price point.

Taking photos with the acrylic Telesin GoPro dome accessory is a snap with its trigger that lines up with the shutter release button –but we dropped the trigger off ours because it blocks the screen.

This GoPro dome comes with its own built-in Supersuit, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with other aftermarket Supersuits.

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Dome Tips

The only downside with most GoPro domes is that once it gets wet, it leaves water lines and drops on the surface after submersed, as you can see along the top of the left side of the island in the photo example above. If you’re planning to use it and take great photos, the side above water needs to be completely dry.

We suggest using the Telesin GoPro dome at the beginning of any snorkeling trip to ensure you have clear photos, as water on the bubble can leave streaks and make photos blurry.

It comes with someĀ anti-fog strips, but you’ll want to keep buying them to keep inside your GoPro dome and Supersuit to ensure condensation within the bubble or your standalone Supersuit doesn’t become a problem.

Recording video with the Telesin GoPro dome also looks best in slow motion with a Hero 6 because quick-moving water inside the shot can feel distracting for the viewer. Slow motion GoPro dome footage is downright dreamy.

GoPro Diving Mask

2019 Best GoPro Accessories for Snorkeling

This GoPro diving mask by Telesin is an absolute must-have aftermarket Hero 6 accessory –it’s one of the best GoPro accessories for snorkeling money can buy.

What’s the point of having a waterproof action camera if you’re not going to use it under water?

A diving mask with GoPro attachment is ideal for hands-free usage of your camera under water, for those times when you don’t want to handle a waterproof selfie stick or risk dropping your camera into the deep.

The pin that attaches your GoPro to the diving mask is aluminium so it won’t rust, the rubber part of the moulding is high quality silicone, and the tempered glass is fog resistant. In my opinion, tempered glass is the way to go for a GoPro diving mask accessory –it’s more scratch resistant and holds up better than plastic over time.

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Remote Control

Best GoPro Accessories 2019

Continuing down this list of the best GoPro accessories for snorkeling, the Telesin GoPro Remote Shutter (Smart Remote) makes it even easier to use your camera while it’s attached to your head under waterĀ orĀ when you’re riding a motor bike –and it’s a great GoPro accessory for hiking, too.

This remote control for GoPro uses WiFi to communicate with your camera and is waterproof up to 1 meter under water, although we’ve gone deeper (not recommended).

It’s got a programmable button that allows the user to setup custom photo or video settings with a single push of a button, can control up to 6 GoPro cameras at once, comes with a wrist band to wear it like a watch, and most Telesin selfie sticks come with a holster designed to hold it.

The downside of this GoPro remote control is that it doesn’t work the best under water if your arm is extended too far from the camera itself.

View Reviews on Amazon

Polarizing Filter Lenses

In simplest terms, polarizing filter lenses for GoPro Hero 6 make color and details pop, just like polarized sunglasses do.

Without polarized GoPro lenses, skies in photos can appear washed out, lacking detail. And underwater shots may get washed out by foggy water or appear too green.

Red lenses are for the ocean, purple for freshwater, and yellow/clear/tinted CPL UV lenses for outdoor photos or video.

Learning how to use each of these lenses will take time, although they’re a worthy investment for your GoPro starter kit if you’re going to be doing a lot of underwater and/or outdoor GoPro travel videos.

Best GoPro Hero 6 Accessories for Travel 2019
Danger Will Robinson! These GoPro filters don’t work with a Supersuit, so we’ll need to trust our next naked GoPro underwater experience won’t turn out like the first one —more lenses and compatible Supersuit will be in our next update

We went through a few of them quickly –a lot of GoPro lenses are craptastic pieces of plastic, scratch easily, and advertising is outdated to before the 2018 GoPro Hero reboot (when they unified the outer shell design), or is made for one Supersuit or another (or not for a Supersuit at all).

To ensure you have the right ones, ensure they’re advertised as a GoPro Hero 6 accessory and clearly state whether they work with a Supersuit or are affixed directly to your GoPro.

We settled on this pick from Lazada, however you can find similar lenses on Amazon.

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Supersuit

A GoPro Supersuit is another absolute must-have addition to any GoPro starter kit. As lamented earlier, the GoProĀ isĀ waterproof up to 10m (33ft) –but I’d recommend using a Supersuit, anyway.

Telesin and other aftermarket Supersuits are a fraction of the cost compared to official GoPro accessories and come in different form factors and depth allowances.

Best GoPro Accessories Kit
This is the official GoPro “Uber Protection” Supersuit with diving depth up to 60m (195ft)

View Reviews on Amazon

Best GoPro Hero Accessory
This is the Telesin GoPro after-market Supersuit with diving depth up to 30m (98ft) –it’s what we’re using

View Reviews on Amazon

Best GoPro Supersuit Accessory
This Telesin GoPro diving Supersuit with diving depth up to 45m (147ft) and works with touchscreen

View Reviews on Amazon

Ours is merely insurance that we never kill another GoPro, so we chose one with a lower depth allowance of 30m (98ft).

Telesin’s more premium diving Supersuit extends the diving depth of your GoPro Hero 5 or 6 to 45m (147ft) while allowing you to use your touchscreen through the casing, and the official GoPro “Uber Protection” Supersuit allows for a 60m (195ft) depth allowance.

When choosing a GoPro Hero 6 accessory for diving like a Supersuit, be sure that the word “diving” is in the product description and it clearly states its depth allowance.

Waterproof Selfie Stick

Best GoPro Accessories for diving 2019

The last aftermarket GoPro accessory for snorkeling on this list is the Telesin Aquapod; a simple waterproof selfie stick you can use under water that floats so it doesn’t wind up landing on coral out of reach, and it includes a bracket for your Telesin GoPro remote control.

It’s a little too plastic for daily outdoor use, but amazing for snorkeling –a worthy addition to this list of the best GoPro accessories for snorkeling.

View Reviews on Amazon

Selfie Stick Monopod

This rugged Telesin monopod is one of the best GoPro accessories for hiking we’ve got.

It gets the most action outdoors because it doubles as a travel GoPro tripod, has a good weight when you hold it in your hands, and is one of the higher quality GoPro poles we looked at before making a purchase. The quality of this product puts it high on our list of the best gopro accessories for traveling.

Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Travel 2019

It’s a pretty cool GoPro accessory because it’s got foldable legs that lock into place with a twist, a bracket for our Telesin GoPro remote shutter or smart phone, and is made of durable aluminium alloy. Although water resistant, it’s not a waterproofĀ GoPro pole so we don’t use it in the ocean.

The only downside for this selfie stick is the potential for human error –before extending the legs, you need to twist them to the left to unlock them. Once legs are extended, twist them back to the right to lock them into place.

Keep this in mind should you find any reviews about legs falling off; I can only assume it was an over-eager purchaser forcing the legs down when in a locked position. I almost did that the first time, too.

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Clip for Baseball Hats and Backpacks

aftermarket gopro accessories 2019

The best way to get treated like a leper in a crowd and have people laugh at you on your own GoPro travel videos is to walk around wearing a GoPro head strap.

aftermarket gopro accessories
Pen protector not included with this ugly aftermarket GoPro accessory

It’s hard to feel “natural” when you have an abomination affixed to your bloody forehead, it changes the mood and throws you off your game (and it explains why children are always laughing in other people’s GoPro travel videos).

Instead of using a head strap, we prefer to use a Telesin GoPro clip for baseball caps and backpack straps. This aftermarket GoPro accessory is dirt cheap and screws tightly to whatever you attach it to without damaging it. Its versatility makes it one of the best GoPro accessories for hiking.

best gopro accessories for traveling

I know there’s a lot of clip-on spring loaded GoPro clips out there, but if you’re walking through a crowd your GoPro could either fall off or get snatched. Screwing it on just provides an extra layer of security.

And if you’re wearing a backpack with a clip mounted on its shoulder strap, there’s no need for the next accessory on this list of the best GoPro accessories kit items.

View Reviews on Amazon

Chest Bracket with 3-Way Pivot Arm

Even more discreet than a hat clip is this aftermarket GoPro chest bracket with 3-way pivot arm. It’s cheap, simple, and decent quality.

A GoPro chest mount is great for providing point-of-view (POV) GoPro travel videos, and it’s virtually invisible over a black tee. I’ve been considering cutting a hole in a t-shirt to hide the straps altogether.

GoPro Accessories Bundle
Aftermarket GoPro Chest Mount

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Accessories Bundle
Aftermarket GoPro 3-Way Pivot Arm

View Reviews on Amazon

The Amazon links above point to sturdier versions of these GoPro Hero 6 accessories than what we have, as we couldn’t find the same models we bought on Lazada.

I’m 6’4″ and the average height in the Philippines is about a foot shorter, so a chest bracket is a must unless I enjoy pointing out bald spots and dandruff. And you feel a little like Iron Man, so there’s that.

GoPro Extension Arm for a Helmet

This one is for people who like to film their own damn face while doing things. I really don’t know why I want you to see all the blackheads on my nose, but it’ll be grand, I assure you.

Best GoPro Hero 2018 Accessories
Meme Rorschach time; Koolaid Man or Pepe?

Having a two camera setup will allow you to see my sweaty face, or Oshin’s, in all it’s glory while also cutting to whatever it is we’re actually doing.

View Reviews on Amazon

GoPro Suction Cup for Windshields and Such

GoPro mount for travel 2019

We also picked up this GoPro suction cup so I can attach it to the dry erase board or window by my desk when I eventually make some online courses. Because what the world needs now is another digital nomad selling online courses to other digital nomads.

It’ll be great.

View Reviews on Amazon

Extra GoPro Batteries

As mentioned earlier, all modern GoPro Hero batteries are the same across all models –and we’ve found that aftermarket batteries are just as great and have the same battery life at a fraction of the cost.

best GoPro accessories for hiking

In our experience, Telesin makes great GoPro Hero 6 accessories and these aftermarket GoPro batteries make a great addition to our GoPro accessories kit.

View Reviews on Amazon

According to a review on Amazon; at one point GoPro Hero firmware disallowed the use of aftermarket GoPro batteries, however that isn’t the case with ours after updating to the latest GoPro firmware in August 2018. Because of this blip, reviews are a little skewed.

You can either pay $20 for a single official GoPro battery, or you can pay around $25 for two batteries and a charger. We went for the latter and we’re really happy with our Telesin batteries.

That’s It, For Now

Yeah, there’s more coming.Ā 

As with any other post on our blog, we’ll update our GoPro accessories kit as it changes.

Bookmark this page if you’re still at the research phase for your own collection of GoPro accessories for traveling, and stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Required Reading: Want to Make Professional GoPro Travel Videos?

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Check out “GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking” to learn the art and techniques used by professionals.

GoPro Travel Videos Guide

What did you think of this GoPro accessories guide?

Do you have any tips on how to build the best GoPro accessories kit? What’s in yours? Let everyone know in the comments.

best gopro accessories kit

GoPro Accessories for Traveling
GoPro accessories for snorkeling
Aftermarket GoPro accessories

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