5 (More) Apps That Digital Nomads Can’t Do without
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All those whose jobs allow them (or prefer them) to be on the move are heavily dependent on the Internet and various apps that make their life much easier. Some apps they can’t live without, while others simply eliminate unnecessary stress and help the user stay connected, focused, and productive.

If you’re already a digital nomad or are likely to become one soon, take a look at these five apps that many people like you are already using to make their dream of traveling possible and to use the given freedom to the fullest extent.

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Digital Nomad Apps

International SOS Assistance

Being probably the largest medial and travel security services company in the world, International SOS deals with the issues of providing medical assistance, emergency services, healthcare and travel security and information to people all over the world.

With up-to-date travel security and medical info at your fingertips at all times, this app is invaluable to everyone who is often changing their country of residence. They can always get info about where to get medical assistance or who to call in case of an emergency. Being just a tap away from help means that you can focus on your work with more energy.

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Work Hard Anywhere

One of the most frustrating things that everyone who travels a lot and works on the go has to come across is finding a decent spot with a strong WiFi connection, power outlets, and other amenities necessary for their work. This is where this app come to the rescue.

You can set search filters to help you find exactly the kind of place you would feel most comfortable at, depending on your preferences. There is also an overview of the place you might be interested in, along with photos, the working hours, WiFi speed test results (sometimes), prices, etc. Users who have been there are also likely to have left a comment, which means you are less likely to be unpleasantly surprised.

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Active Collab

This extremely useful project management platform helps you work on multiple projects at the same time without ever having to worry about missing your deadline. Your dashboard shows every update or task waiting for you and you can organize them into lists and filter them by labels, due dates or people.

Active Collab allows you to attach files, set reminders, make comments and get notifications. Finally, depending on your preference, you can have different visual presentation of your task, such as Gantt chart, Kanban cards or a simple list.

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This app will help you prepare for all your future trips once you tell it where and when you’re travelling, as well as any other important information about the planned activities. Once it collects all the necessary data, the app lets you create a list of clothes, toiletries, and any other things you need to take with you to be prepared for the weather or event waiting for you at your destination.

The more precise data you enter, the better suggestions you’re going to receive and there’s really not much more you could ask from a free app such as this one. Those who often travel to places they’ve never been before are definitely going to appreciate it.

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Trail Wallet

If you’re on the go, you might easily lose track of your expenses, which in turn might get you into various problems. In order to prevent something like this ever happening, you should consider Trail Wallet – an excellent travel expense tracker that allows you to add your first 25 items for free.

Since financial anxiety is a common issue among digital nomads, it’s really handy to have such a simple, yet efficient app that helps you track and monitor your expenses while travelling. Tens of thousands of travelers have already tested it and continued to use the app on their travels.

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Digital Nomad Apps

These Apps are Your Virtual Colleagues

As you can imagine, being a digital nomad has its advantages but there are also issues you wouldn’t have to worry about if you had a traditional 9-to-5 job. Thankfully there are also apps that allow us to use the most of the freedom to travel and work, from almost any corner of the world.

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