40 Countries and Counting: How a Polish Digital Nomad Couple Makes it Work

Meet Karolina and Patryk

We are Karolina and Patryk, a young Polish couple who has traveled the world for almost 4 years now.

Dubai Digital Nomads
Karolina and Patryk in Dubai: “Even though we look happy we are not! It was hot as hell and we couldn’t even drink water because it was Ramadan time (it is forbidden by Muslim law to drink and eat in public before sunset during Ramadan).”

Our story is simple: We fell in love, got married at the age of 23, and started exploring the world. We knew we have to make money online in order to travel. That’s how we became digital nomads.

How long have you been on the road?

We are living a nomadic life for about 4 years. We are not planning to ever settle down but who knows? Maybe it will change in the future.

We are just passionately curious! We get bored very easily, that’s why we decided to travel and explore the world.

Which countries have you been to?

We have been to more or less 40 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our favorite places are Myanmar, Thailand, Cyprus, Ukraine and Austria. All the countries have beautiful landscapes, great food and low prices (except for Austria).

They are also safe to travel which is very important to us.

How did your friends and family take your decision to become digital nomads?

People were skeptical at the beginning about everything we are doing.

First of all –we got married very early. They all said we were crazy. Then we told them that we want to follow our hearts, travel the world and make money online. They said it’s impossible. Now all the haters are quiet because we proved they are wrong.

Our advice is not to listen to anybody. All you should listen to is your heart. Its voice is sometimes really gentle but it’s the most important adviser you will ever have.

There is no sacrifice. We are together all the time so we have all we need! We are coming back to Poland every few months to spend some time with our family and friends. We don’t feel we are missing something at all.

What would you say to someone afraid of travel because of what they see on the news?

We all die anyway. If something is about to happen to you, it will, no matter where you are. You have nothing to lose! All you can do is gain.

You will come home more experienced, happier, wiser and braver. Don’t kill the curiosity and the willingness to explore, only because there is a fear inside of you. Don’t let him win. You are stronger than that.

Karolina and Patryk - Agia Napa, Cyprus
Karolina and Patryk in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Is there a big difference between the terms “digital nomad” and “location independent entrepreneur”?

We don’t really see the difference between those two. It’s not about the definitions, but about the freedom. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a different country each month or if you are spending a year at home.

What matters, is that you have a choice to choose where you are and what you are doing. Most people are enslaved to their jobs and that’s really terrible.

Neither digital nomads nor location independent entrepreneurs describe who we really are. We are just free people who make their dreams come true. That’s it!

Were there any recurring challenges you ran into early on, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest problem has always been money. We are quite ambitious, so our dream was to travel and save. It was very difficult at the beginning because we were spending everything that we earned.

Time and hard work helped us overcome this problem. We learned how to travel in luxury and don’t spend a fortune on that. We learned how to spend money wisely and how to manage our budget to save.

How do you earn a living?

We are doing many things, including freelancing and blogging. Even though we are bloggers, affiliate programs are not our main source of income.

We are also owners of an e-commerce business that is quite profitable.

We are pretty experienced in e-commerce, so we do a new project every year or two. Right now we are selling products in the Health and Beauty industry.

Apart from that, we are doing some freelance work. Not so much for money, rather for curiosity.

We didn’t have ANY budget at the beginning, we were earning money while traveling. When we saved a little, we immediately spent it on the plane tickets.

We knew we will be fine and we will make money on the road. If you work hard enough, there’s no way you will be left with no cash on your bank account.

What is your most popular blog post of all time?

We have a series called ‘Interesting facts about…’ and it’s performing very well.

Do you leverage your blog for free hotel stays or free swag with sponsored posts?

Yes, we sometimes work with hotels and travel-related companies. We only choose the places that we would be willing to pay for. We never lie to our readers, we try to be 100% honest and authentic.

When it comes to sponsored post, we are very careful. There is no way we’d accept a do-follow link for money.

We have some posts on our blog that are flagged as ‘sponsored’ though. We publish them, as long as they are valuable to our readers.

How do you find time for your relationship –and stay focused while living, working, or changing locations on a regular basis?

We have a very strict schedule for everyday. It includes all the small tasks that we need to do to keep the progress. When all is done, we have a free time for ourselves and our relationship.

It was difficult at the beginning to keep ourselves motivated but it becomes natural with time.

How about your health –how do you keep healthy while traveling?

We try to keep our diet gluten-free and sugar-free. If it’s possible, we avoid dairy as well.

We have one eating rule: The simpler, the better.

Fresh fruits, veggies, meats and fish are the basics of our diet.

We try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day but it’s not always happening! Sometimes we are so busy with work that we are spending more than 12 hours sitting in front of the computer. We know it’s not healthy, so we try to avoid having days like this.

Digital Nomads on the Great Wall of China
Karolina and Patryk on the Great Wall of China: “Going there was on top of our bucket list, so we were really excited to make our dream come true”.

What can you absolutely not live without?

Laptops, cameras, mobile phone, tablet, GoPro, power bank, chargers, credit cards and money- that’s all we need!

If you could speak with yourself before you became a digital nomad, what would you say?

That’s a nice question. We’d tell ourselves to relax and not to worry too much.

There is a quote that we really like: Don’t wait to get better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you’ll run out of time.

Which bloggers influence you, personally?

We adore Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad. She is natural and she has built a pretty solid brand because of her hard work.

We think Anthony from The Travel Tart is the funniest travel blogger ever!

Last but not least —Nomadic Matt. He is the biggest travel blogger in the world and he is quite an inspiration for us.

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It was really great to hear from you two, thanks for stopping by!

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