10 Travel Blogging Strategies Inspired by Taylor Swift
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Taylor’s Swifts meteoric rise to success is largely due to her marketing skills. In this article we explore how you can apply some of her strategies to your blogging.

She said it herself. If she wasn’t a pop star, she’d probably be in advertising. From baking cookies for her fans to bringing out her girl squad at concerts, she clearly knows how to make her fans happy.

In this article, we’ll talk about hotel marketing ideas you can learn from Taylor Swift.

1. Create an Experience with Social Media

Taylor Swift Strategy Blogging

Taylor Swift often uses social media to show snippets of her life whether it’s photos of her cute cats or funny conversations with friends. This is the Taylor Swift experience.

You can take advantage of the same platforms to post messages that your followers will enjoy consuming. Create content that resonates with your audience’s sense of wanderlust. Post updates that your audiences can relate with or aspire to.

Your social media should also be a place where followers can get insider scoop on the latest news about your travel business; be it discounts, promotions, or a special event. Not only does it make your profile worth following but it’ll give followers reason to come back for more making sure they didn’t miss anything. Tap into their FOMO.

2. Keep Lines of Communication Open

Taylor Swift Strategy Blogging

Swift often goes out of her way to interact with her fans. Instead of constantly promoting her next concert, she takes the time to know her fans, learn their stories, give advice, and celebrate their successes.

Her brand wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her loyal fan base and so she makes sure she shows her appreciation for them.

Make sure that you regularly communicate with your followers through your messaging –start a community and listen to what your followers are talking about.

If someone writes a comment on your blog, respond to it appropriately. This level of responsiveness shows that you care about your readers.

3. Nurture your Most Loyal Followers

Taylor Swift Strategy Blogging

Before releasing her album 1989, Swift searched for her most loyal fans on the internet and invited them to a series of secret sessions. Not only were these fans the first ones to ever listen to the album but they also got the chance to interact and take pictures with their idol.

In a different campaign called Swiftmas, she surprised another set of loyal fans and surprised them with personalized presents which she personally wrapped herself. It was all captured on camera, posted on YouTube, and garnered millions of views.

Take the same level of consideration of your loyal readers (and/or customers) with your travel blogging and reward them for their patronage. Approach businesses your followers care about and ask them for free swag to give away to your readers in draws or promotions –if you’re willing to promote a business they’ll often give you freebies to give your audience.

This shows that you appreciate your readers which as a result, will ignite your brand even more. You’ll have brand advocates at your side who will be more than willing to spread the word about how awesome your travel blog is.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Taylor Swift was able to harness the power of urgency by conducting a promotion where fans who bought her album would receive a special code for a chance to personally meet her. This resulted in more social buzz on her album than usual, as well as more album sales.

You can leverage this strategy in your travel blogging by counting down days left until a promotion ends, or limiting the number of invitations to a free mastermind group. Readers are more likely to sign up when there’s an element of scarcity.

5. Humanize your Travel Blog

One of the best things about Taylor Swift’s social media presence is that it’s all her. Sure, she may have a team who helps her behind the scenes but the end-product of it all is a personal experience with her, whether it’s a good deed towards a stranger, a reply to a tweet, or an answer to a question on Tumblr.

You can do the same with your travel blogging strategy by making your readers feel that they are communicating with a person instead of a faceless blog.

You want your readers to feel comfortable around you, not alienated. Respond to comments in a timely, thoughtful manner and your readers will be more likely to share your content.

6. Generate Buzz before a Special Event

Taylor Swift built up the launch of her album before the actual date of the release through social media clues, secret listening sessions, ads, commercials, and press tours. This generated buzz around her album which would later result in millions of purchases.

Be creative in delivering news about a new blog post, product, or promotion. Drop hints of exciting offers on your social media and get your followers involved by doing a raffle on special promos and discounts.

7. Make Every Experience Special

Travel Blogger Strategies Inspired by Taylor Swift

Swift kept audiences on their toes during her 1989 World Tour with a mystery guest performer. Music legends such as Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, and Jennifer Lopez were welcomed on stage to partake in an experience that her fans would later cherish. By presenting a different mystery guest every time, she was able to make every concert unique for her fans.

Do the same thing for your readers by making sure their relationship with your blog is a memorable one. Aside from providing exceptional content, you should be able to tailor each post to meet your reader’s needs. Shower them with positive vibes through your content and introduce them to new and exciting things. It’s all in the details.

8. Partner with Influencers

Other times during her 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift’s brought out famous personalities like Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, and Ellen Degeneres. This boosted her star power even more and allowed her to reach the already established fan bases of her guests.

Partner with well-known bloggers and brands that share the same values as you. Partnering with the right brands helps reinforce the image you want to portray and broadens your audience reach.

We use Ninja Outreach to help with identifying and reaching out to travel bloggers for our guest posts.

9. Take the Negativity Out of a Bad Comment by Responding Positively

When it was revealed in a video (by Kim Kardashian) that Swift may have lied about giving consent to Kanye West to mention her name in his song, the country-singer-turned-popstar suffered a backlash from the public with the hashtag #RIPTaylorSwift quickly becoming a trend on Twitter. It got pretty bad for a quick moment as even her Instagram comment section was flooded with a barrage of snake emojis.

The next day, tabloids were plastered with photos of her and Tom Hiddleston canoodling on Rhode Island beach. People were taken by surprise and the conversation quickly shifted into whether the relationship was real or purely a PR stunt. Regardless, the strategy worked and people moved on to talking about their frequent public strolls caught by the paparazzi.

Travel Blogging Strategies Influenced by Taylor Swift

When you’re publishing a blog post where a chance of receiving a negative comment is a possibility, you need to be able to maintain grace and composure in your responses.

For example, the recent exposure to “begpacking” has been getting a lot of attention lately. Bloggers are taking sides, and it’s driving traffic.

If you can shift the conversation into a positive tone and emphasize your humanity, you could gain a bunch of new readership.

The odd controversial post can drive a lot of traffic, just be ready to handle a bit of fallout and thank all those who comment, good or bad, for their feedback. Consider following up posts that generate negative responses with really great content, a guest post with an influential blogger, or a promotion of some kind.

10. Protect your Reputation at All Costs

In 2015, Swift bought adult-rated internet domains with her name in them. She knows she has a sweet and relatable image to maintain and so she makes sure it stays that way by preventing any scandal from happening.

If Taylor Swift can foresee a reputation nightmare, so can you. It’s very important as a travel blogger that you know how to manage your reputation well.

Buy all related domain names, flood the internet with great content, be thorough, and never promote a brand for the sake of a sponsorship.

In Summary

Taylor Swift has become a polarizing figure. You either love her or you hate her. However, one thing remains true –she is a savvy businesswoman who knows how to attract audiences, listen to their needs, and minimize damage. These are the same things you must do when you’re working on your travel blogging strategy!

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. EDEN – I absolutely LOVE this post and I want to share it a million times. Plus I freaking loooOVeeeEee Taylor Swift. She didn’t stand out to me as a celebrity until the Shake it Off song & music video – like I thought it was a great, fun way to respond to all these negative comments about her. For me, that video (and the lyrics) really humanized her.

    Plus it’s always been fun to watch the way she’s gone SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT OF HER WAY to connect with her fans.

    Thanks for the INCREDIBLE suggestions to implement her marketing strategies into our blogging strategies.

    1. Thank you Krista! I’m glad you liked the article. There’s a lot to learn from her. She’s successfully managed to weave her personal life into her brand and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. We travel bloggers do it to! 😉 Also, if you win the hearts of your fans, you have loyal followers who will worship you forever. lol you know what I mean. Fandoms can get really passionate but they are still consumers and consumers mean $$$.

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