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In order to hop from one country to another for the lowest possible price, all it takes is some a/b testing and about 15 – 30 minutes.

I suggest using SkyScanner for flight booking, however you may have a personal favorite of your own already. This trick works on just about every travel website.

How to get the Best Price on Flight Bookings

Step 1: Clear your cache –that means everything since the beginning of time. Cookies, history, cache, everything.

Step 2: Before searching for a flight, adjust country / location settings. Explore costs for different neighboring countries to your desired destination. You may need to reset the website language after choosing a country near your destination from the drop-down on the top right of their website homepage.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Pro tip: Consider browsing anonymously through the TOR Network, Incognito or Privacy Mode, or trying a VPN in some of your tests. There is no hard lined combination that works every single time, so be creative.

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Why does this work?

Clearing your cache and searching from another country whether by VPN or by website location settings can have a positive effect on the cost of your flight booking.

Your browser shares a lot of information about you to websites you visit, and your online explorations may put you in a higher cost bracket when it comes to buying airfare.

Specific Chiang Mai-related Airfare Tip

It is cheaper to pick up a flight to Chiang Mai after you arrive at either Bangkok airport than it is to book your connecting flight to Chiang Mai from Bangkok in advance.

You could save around $200 – $400 just by booking your flight to Chiang Mai from Bangkok in person in Bangkok, right at the airport. You can get a flight to Chiang Mai from Bangkok for as low as $50.

For more great tips on how to save money on flights, check out a related post on Let’s Backpack.

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