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earthsip-home-design-ideasAn Earthship is a uniquely organic passive solar house that is made of both natural and recycled materials, including earth-filled tires, bottles, cans, and reclaimed timber.

An Earthship is defined by its ability to provide for its occupants through self contained food production, water harvesting, sewage treatment, solar heating, thermal cooling, and electricity generated by either solar, wind, or both.

solar powered home earthship

Earthships provide security in economically insecure times, and are designed to meet standard building code requirements. They are cheap to produce, and eliminate monthly housing costs for utilities, mortgages, food costs, and more.

Know what that means? You can work less for other people and focus on enjoying your life.


A great video tour of an Earthship you can rent by Off Grid Build

earthship tiny house construction

“Grey water” run-off from sinks and showers is processed organically through garden beds, which provides plants with minerals and water required for them to flourish (above right, below left).

Every Earthship is designed to be aligned from east to west, oriented towards the southern sun with lots of windows. This helps the house recharge its batteries, so to speak.

making houses with tires

Strategically placed thermal mass (tires filled with earth, for instance) can retain heat and use it effectively, while solar panels recharge their batteries. No matter the weather, Earthships hover around 22 degrees celsius (70 degrees fahrenheit) all year ’round.

earthship tiny houses how to build

earthship tiny houses

solaria earthship concept design

earthship ideas

earthship lighting ideas

earthship building plans sinks

earthship systems tiny house water collection

In my ernest opinion, I think quality of life can be improved greatly by combining the best elements of Earthships, Tiny Houses, and Container Homes to create an ideal commonage for families and friends to live together.

This video is of an up-to-code Earthship owned by Pat and Chuck Potter of Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

The name of the “Earthship” movement is spear-headed by a trademarked term, registered to Michael Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture based in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

earthship water supply schematic

The website provides excellent resources, information, and inspiration; so be sure to pay them a visit.

If you’re after more video tours, check out the epic Off Grid Build.

Earthship exterior shot New Mexico

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