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Welcome to Hobo with a Laptop, we’re glad you’re here. We thought we’d take a moment to show you around. Our website can be a little confusing to first-time visitors –Is this a travel blog? Why are there so many posts about marketing? A travel blog about travel blogging? How meta.


A Distinct Audience

The world seems like a crazy place these days. Our primary objective is to help and motivate others to pick up a passport, get a remote job, and see it –to find beauty and improve their quality of life.

We serve travelers and expats with valuable information about the specific regions we visit.

For those that wish to travel beyond a vacation, we offer resources that will help them find remote work or start a blog of their own and monetize it.

And for our clients, we demonstrate that we know how to fulfill their business needs –we’re travel bloggers with a B2B mindset. And that’s unique.

Hobo with a Laptop


How the Blog is Organized

There are five distinct areas where we put our focus as we create new blog posts.

Digital Nomad Job Boards

Not every digital nomad will start their journey as a “location independent entrepreneur”, so we’ve assembled a giant database of freelance remote job websites that you can browse to find work you can do from anywhere.

Currently there are almost 100 freelance remote job sites to choose from.

Click here to learn more about our digital nomad jobs boards directory.


Guides & Resources

A collection of guides and resources to help others begin cobbling together their own unique spin on location independence.

Our guides cover a range of topics, such as how to start and monetize a blog, how to properly leverage search optimization, how to become a virtual assistant, and how to begin your digital nomad lifestyle in Chiang Mai.

Learn skills that will help you earn an income online, and discover what tools and gear we use to keep our operation running smoothly.

You can view our entire tools archive here.


We’ve recently started a Facebook group for skill sharing, networking, and travel discussion.

We will be running a ‘digital nomad sweepstakes’ from time to time to help our readers get their hands on helpful tools, swag, and hotel accommodation for free.

You can learn more about our community here, and sponsors can get in touch with us here.


Digital Nomad Reading List

The 5 Stages of Becoming a Digital Nomad

To help you navigate our website, we’ve put together a short reading plan to help you get started with becoming a full-time digital nomad. There’s much more to discover on our website, so feel free to color outside the lines.

Stage 1: Get Psyched

A little brain candy never hurt; whether you’re into that “abundance mindset” way of thinking, or you just need to define your goalpost, here are a few resources to get you pumped up.

Stage 2: Do Research

Once you’ve articulated what you’re after, it’s time to do your research. Browse these resources to get a clear picture of high-level tasks required to move forward, prepare for unexpected costs, and understand the less attractive aspects of digital nomad life. No rose-colored glasses here, promise.

Stage 3: Arm Yourself

This is where you’ll learn about the skills you’ll need to possess to make a proactive push towards your goals and the mindset required to weather The Struggle.

Stage 4: Get Prepared

Here we’ll explore all of the tangibles; the gear, the tools, and the final steps you will need to make in order to begin your journey.

Stage 5: Jump

This is the final leg of the beginning of your journey, where we tie together everything you’ve learned, help you get where you’re going, and review the important parts. At this point, much of our website focuses on Chiang Mai, Thailand due to its popularity, and because that’s where we started out abroad.

Continuing Your Education

By now, you know all there is to know to get onto a plane and make the leap, but what now? Enhance your internet marketing skills or learn new ones with our upcoming guides and online courses –sign up to our newsletter so you never miss a launch.

Future guides and course materials will focus on how to create a blog, how to monetize a blog, how to optimize a blog for search, how to leverage Pinterest for website traffic generation, and how to become a virtual assistant.

What's Your Favorite Cryptocurrency?

Hobo with a Laptop BitcoinEthereum is our jam --if you found this website useful, feel free to leave a tip with a cryptocurrency! Visit our blog often for fresh posts about travel, blogging tips, freelance, cryptocurrencies, and the tools we use on the road. You can also browse our remote job site directory here.

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