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big-fascination-tiny-housesRecently I’ve been intrigued by the modern Tiny House movement.

Instead of a life of debt, uncertainty and monetary over-commitment, many people are beginning to explore the idea of ‘tiny houses’; little homes that are in the  neighborhood of 200 – 400 square feet and carry a cost ranging from around $10,000 to $50,000 US. And they’re beautiful.

tiny home canada 8

Many of them are on wheels to get around both literally, and figuratively –zoning is a bit of a headache and having it on wheels sometimes helps.

We’ve seen them on television, and those who live in one are quite passionate about their modern tiny house.

Personally, I think living lean and bootstrapping in Thailand for a year (so far) has warmed me up to the idea. It’s all you need. Low ecological footprint, low cost, no nonsense, and it’s not stapled to the ground.

The majority of these photos are of a “hOMe”, the first tiny house to really resonate with me and grab my eye. The hOMe tiny house costs a mere $65 US per square foot to construct, adding up to $22,700 US and change.

Add a composting toilet, appliances and cabinetry and that sets you back another $10k, give or take.

Grand total: $33,000

print-tiny-house-building-plansThe occupants (and architects) of this 207 sq. ft. home –the Morrison’s, embody a lifestyle many of us long for— a life free from soul crushing mortgage debt, lobotomizing work routines, a fixed address, and a healthy sense of well-being.

tiny home canada 7

tiny home canada 2

tiny house canada fireplace

For others it isn’t about freeing up additional funds or peace of mind: It’s about surviving a recession that won’t seem to dissipate.

Rising housing/energy/utility costs and environmental damage to peoples’ homes or environment are making them turn to this cheaper, more flexible living option.

tiny home canada 5

tiny house canada 2

No matter the reason behind this new tiny house trend, it appears to be expanding. Tiny home seekers and dwellers are gathering online to swap construction tips, and discuss building code legislation.

Communities are springing up everywhere.

tiny house map canada usa north america
Click to view the Tiny House Map

tiny home canada 4

tiny home canada 3

This certainly will not be the last of tiny houses from Hobo with a Laptop. Although their return on investment looks great on paper, I’m more interested in the intangible.

The utility these (often mobile) homes provide their occupants while reconnecting them with nature, and making living a “digital nomad” lifestyle (of working online and living abroad, remotely) a little easier is liberating.

tiny home canada 6

tiny house shower

tiny house loft toronto

How to Build Your Own Tiny House

tiny house america

Does the tiny house trend have substance or is it a passing fad? Let me know what you think of tiny houses in the comments, or check out MorningChores for an expanded look at the cost of a tiny house.

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Tiny House Building Guide Plans

Learn Some Technical Info: Read the Interview with the Morrisons

Sources: Imgur, TinyHouseBuild, TinyHouseLiving


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