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A lifestyle & travel blog by two location independent people who make money online while they travel around the world.

With 4 years living internationally and counting, this is a blog about our travels and how we build the steam required to finance them.

Welcome to the adventure; on this blog you’ll learn about where we’ve been, how we’ve created a sustainable life of travel, and the different ways we make money via the internet.

Topics on this digital nomad blog range from Bitcoin to blogging tips.

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Digital Nomad Blog

We Are Mike & Oshin

Mike’s a Canadian expat off his leash, and Oshin is a force of nature that wouldn’t settle for a third-world pay grade.

We met after working together virtually for a few years, eloped in the Philippines, and have been perfecting the art of living, ever since. The future isn’t promised, and we’re on a mission to cover the earth before it covers us.

This travel diary is about where we go, what we do, what inspires us, and includes a stack of tips and advice about how to travel long and slow on a range of budgets.

In addition to travel, we also share our experience earning an income from the road with cryptocurrencies, freelance contracts, online training, and our travel marketing business (Copyrise). We port our cubicle knowledge into simple tasks that fit into a carry-on.


Location Independence

The world is shifting under everyone’s feet, and some seek ways to adapt to it quicker than others. We make money online in countries where the value is high, and spend it where the cost of living is low.

It’s a simple formula that works for us –whether you’re looking for a way to become location independent, or you’re just window shopping; there’s something on this blog for everyone.

Discover blog posts and guides that will show you how to become location independent or visit our remote job site directory, we hold nothing back. Our focus starts with Chiang Mai, Thailand – “the digital nomad capital of the world”, and progresses to other destinations as we discover them for ourselves.

How to Become a Digital Nomad


Mike and Oshin Hulleman

Work Online, Live Anywhere

There are thousands of ways to virtualize your brick-and-mortar career and this blog highlights what’s worked for us, and the peers we meet along our way.

Learn how to best monetize your blog, find remote freelance work, build traffic to all of your online projects, and make money with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Every niche you experiment with is a different animal to be tamed; cut weeks, months, and years off that never-ending “research phase” and hit the beach running.


What's Your Favorite Cryptocurrency?

Hobo with a Laptop BitcoinEthereum is our jam --if you found this website useful, feel free to leave a tip with a cryptocurrency! Visit our blog often for fresh posts about travel, blogging tips, freelance, cryptocurrencies, and the tools we use on the road. You can also browse our remote job site directory here.

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